A. Student Identification


      1. Profile of gifted learners/Characteristics of gifted learners
      2. Identification program
      3. Identification tools (Cultural bias, reliability and validity, teachers’ rating, parents’ nomination, standardized test etc.)
      4. Identifying gifted underachievers
      5. Identifying gifted students from underrepresented and at-risk populations
      6. Policy in identifying gifted students
      7. Identifying the culturally diverse gifted population
      8. Identifying gifted learners from young


B. Curriculum Differentiation & Instructions,  Assessment & Evaluation


      1. Measuring curriculum differentiation
      2. Talent development through curriculum differentiations
      3. Curriculum differentiation in elementary, middle and high school
      4. Curriculum differentiation strategies
      5. Curriculum differentiation and Technology
      6. Standard-based teaching and differentiation
      7. Fostering autonomous learners through curriculum differentiations
      8. Teaching materials for differentiated curriculum
      9. Assessment and evaluation in differentiated curriculum
      10. Curriculum differentiation for the very young learners

C. Personnel Preparation


      1. Teacher trainings (pre and in-service training in the field of gifted education)
      2. Teacher competencies in educating gifted and talented students
      3. Effective instructional characteristics of teachers for gifted students
      4. Effective classroom practices of the teachers
      5. Right attitudes of teachers
      6. Personnel Preparation and Secondary Education Programs for Gifted Students
      7. Teachers education standard for the field of gifted education
      8. Staff development: The key to effective gifted education program
      9. Policy for teachers training programme in gifted education

D. Program and Service Provision


      1. Mentorship & Internship
      2. Counselling provisions for gifted learners
      3. Issues and psychological support for gifted learners
      4. Enrichment program for gifted learners
      5. Administrative support and success of gifted education program
      6. The role of effective leaders in gifted education programming
      7. Character building program (leadership, volunteerism, community services, etc)


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