BilNamaNo. PendaftaranProgramPenyeliaTajuk TesisCatatan/tahunEmail/ Tel
1Andika Bin AB. WahabP66473Doktor FalsafahRashila Ramli, Azizah KassimSmuggling Of Migrants And Human Security: A Case Study Of Rohingya Refugees In Malaysia2017
(Anugerah Tesis Cemerlang)
2Gasmin GarimP57154Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Faridah ShahadanThe Effectiveness Of The Rice Subsidy Programme For The Poor (RASKIN) In Indonesia: A Case Study Of Four Districts In South Sulawesi
3Jabar Salah Abobaker MansourP57840Doktor FalsafahAhmad Azmi Mohd AriffinThe Influence Of Authenticity, Hospitality And Experience Quality On Behavioural Intention Incultural Heritage Tourism In
4Md Rosli Bin Haji IsmailP23068Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Lilia Halim, Sharifah Zarina Syed ZakariaEntrepreneurship And Malay Middle Class Parents: A Study Of Private Pre-School Education Centres In The Klang Valley,
5Raja Rizal Iskandar Bin Raja HishamP67230Doktor FalsafahMohd Rizal Palil, Mohamad Abdul HamidLeadership And Governance Of Takaful Operators In Malaysia2017
(Anugerah Tesis Cemerlang)
6Zaireeni Binti AzmiP65270Doktor FalsafahRashila RamliPolitical Participation And Visibility Of Women In PAS In Selangor And Kelantan (1982-2015)2017
(Anugerah Tesis Cemerlang)
7Abdalhakim A. A. HanainiP74994Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahim AhmadHAMAS Foreign Policy: Syria As A Case Study (2000-2015)2017
(Anugerah Tesis Cemerlang)
8Malek M. Y. InjasP72149Doktor FalsafahMohamad Sabri Haron, Rashila RamliThe Influencing Factors On Reputational Risk In The Islamic Banks: The Case Of Murabaha To The Purchase Order (MPO) In The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Islamic
9Samera Melad Amar FaragP69696Doktor FalsafahWan Kamal MujaniThe Literary And Artistic Achievements Of The King Ashurbanipal (626-668 B.C.)
10Destanul AuliaP46943Doktor FalsafahFaridah Shahadan , Azizah KassimMedical Tourism From North Sumatera To Peninsular Malaysia: Trend, Contributing Factors And
11Ong Sue LynP56285Doktor FalsafahRashila Ramli, Shanta Nair VenugopalSocial Categories In Intercultural Communication: A Study Of The Interactions Of Local And International Students At A Private University In
12Nur Khalidah Binti DahlanP65086Doktor FalsafahMohd Rizal Palil, Mohamad Abdul HamidJustice Without Courts: An Analysis For
13Ridwan Ismail RazakP62908Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman EmbongThe Effectiveness Of Policy And Empowerment Programme For Illiterate Communities In Indonesia (A Case Study In Five Districts In South Sulawesi)
14Diana A/P K.NadanP51885Sarjana FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Helen Ting Mu HungTransformation Plans Of The Public Service Delivery System Of The Road Transport Department Selangor: Challenges, Implementation And
15Karwan Salih WaisyP69536Sarjana FalsafahRashila Ramli, Helen Ting Mu HungThe International Dimension Of The Iraqi Kurdish Nationalist Movement 1960-1975: The Us
16Noraini Binti DhiauddinP42404Sarjana FalsafahAbdul Rahman EmbongSocial Reproduction In New Malay Middle Class Families: A Case Study In The Klang
17Ali Omar Moftah MedonP72154Doktor FalsafahMohd Sabri Haron, Abdul Rahim AhmadInternational Protection Of The Human Rights: Somalia And Sudan (Darfur) As A
18Riki RahmanP52911PhdZarina Othman, Kamaruzaman Yusof, Ruhanas HarunIran’s Nuclear Issue And The United States Interests In The Middle East
19Esmaeil ArabzadehP69280Doktor FalsafahMohd Safar Hashim, Rashila RamliThe Determination Of Tourist Loyalty Toward Malaysia: The Case Of The Saudis And Emiratis
20Ahmed Muhsin JodahP72155Sarjana Abdul Rahim Ahmad, Mohd Sabri HaronThe Impact Of Oil Company Petronas On The Society In Thiqar Province Of Iraq From The Historical And Geographical
21Raghad Azzam InjassP78534SarjanaAbdul Rahim Ahmad, Mohd Sabri HaronThe External Aid And Its Effect On The Economic Development In Palestine (1994 – 2014)2016injas.malek
22Suha Mufid Fayez AbuhafizaP78301SarjanaAbdul Rahim Ahmad, Mohd Sabri HaronMurabaha For Purchasing Orders: Theory And Applications In Islamic Banking In Palestine “A Comparative Analysis”
23Ahmed Y.M AlialahmedP68301Doktor FalsafahWan Kamal MujaniTurkish Foreign Policy Orientations Toward The Palestinian Issues Since 2002 –
24Naima Ismail H. AldaikeyP72157SarjanaMohd Sabri HaronIslamic Banks In Libya And Challenges Facing Them: Analysis Of Their Implementation In Libyan Main
25Nurhidayu RosliP69700SarjanaKamaruzaman Yusoff, Tamat SarmidiDemocratization In Turkey (2002-2011): Islamization Approach Of The Justice And Development
26Laila Ali Ngi ElaatiP56282SarjanaAhmad Rafizi SallehThe Impact Of The Italian Occupation (1911 – 1943) On The Change Of The Demographic Structure Of Libya A Statistical Analytical
27Asmawi Noor Bin SaaraniP53039Doktor FalsafahFaridah ShahadanCapital Structure, Business Competitive Strategy And Performance Of Enterprise 50 (E50)
28Baso IwangP53035Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Faridah ShahadanCommunity Participation In The Silik Industry South Sulawesi, Indonesia: Case Study Wajo, Soppeng And
29Mohamad Suhaidi Bin SallehP53031Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Azizah Kassim, Helen Ting Mu HungSocial Stratifications And Identity Among The Kedayan’s Community In
30Sitti NaadiahP54716Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong,The Effectiveness Of Life Skills Education Programme
31Suseela Devi A/P ChandranP63179Doktor FalsafahRashila Ramli, K.S. NathanGlobalisation And The Role Of The State: Malaysia-India Bilateral Relations In The Post Cold War Era (1991-2012)
32Teo Yen NeeP55674Doktor FalsafahTham Siew Yean, Andrew Kam Jia YiMalaysia’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Determinants And Impact On Manufacturing Exports And
33Wan Fairuz Wan ChikP54758Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Faridah Shahadan, Sivapalan V. SelvaduraiLinkages And Knowledge Transfer Between Mncs And Their Sme: A Multiple Progressive Case Study In
34Anwar Bin MuttaqinP63161Sarjana FalsafahWan Kamal Mujani, Kartini Aboo Talib@KhalidPolitical Inclination Among Malay Students In Research
35Low Ming JiaP57153Sarjana FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Dr. Helen Ting Mu HungThe Continuity And Sustainability Of Chinese Independent High Schools: A Case Study Of Confucian Chinese Independent Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur
36Nik Nursyafika Binti MustafaP63065Sarjana FalsafahFaridah Shahadan, Andrew Kam Jia YiThe Existence Of Flight-To-Quality: Analysis Stock And Bond In
37Saeedeh ChamaniP51365Sarjana FalsafahHelen Ting Mu HungA Study On Elite Political Participation Of Women In Iran During The Presidency Of Mohammad Khatami (1997-2005)
38Nirwan NohP51367Doktor FalsafahTham Siew Yean, Andrew KamPelaburan Langsung Asing dalam Sektor Perkhidmatan Terpilih di Malaysia2014
39Ali Idiab Mohamed IdiabP54911Doktor FalsafahMohd Sabri Harun, Shofian AhmadThe Evaluation of Internal Audit in Islamic and Commercial Banks: A case study the Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt and the Sahara Bank of Libya2014
40Nor Amalina RusliP57947SarjanaAhmad Rafizi sallehPembelajaran Bahasa Arab menggunakan Kaedah “Computer-Assisted Language Learning” (CALL) Secara atas talian: Satu Kajian di Sekolah Menegah Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya dan Sekolah Menengah Alam Shah,
41Israa Ghazi IbrahimP65084SarjanaSiti Rugayah Hj. TibekEffect Of Music In Ajust Aggressive Behavior In Children A Field Study In City Of
42Nursyakiran Akmal IsmailP45389Doktor FalsafahRashila RamliPelaksaan dan Amalan Gender Mainstreaming (GM): Kajian Dalam Sektor
43MuchidP53032Abdul Rahman Embong, Sity DaudThe New Order And Reformation: Case Study On Otorita Batam, Indonesia (1998-2004)
44Asnarti Said CullaP54413Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman EmbongDevelopment And Land Dispossession Problems In Bulukumba, South Sulawesi,
45Khaerunnisa AliahP54745Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman EmbongFree Education In South Sulawesi: Factors And Processes Of Policy Formulation, As Well As Impact And Challenges Of
46Athar ShafaeiP51364Sarjana FalsafahHelen Ting Mu Hung, Ravichandran A/L D.DhakshinamoorthyThe Impact Of Economic Sanctions On Social And Economic Situation In The Islamic Republic Of Iran (2001-2012)
47Ahmed Saad Ahmed MassoudP54910Doktor FalsafahIderis Endot, Siti Rugahayah Hj TibekManagerial and Financial Control in the Islamic Institutions Applied Study on the World Islamic Call Society Libya2013
48Ali Saleh Ahmed MohammedP54878Doktor FalsafahIderis Endot, Siti Rugahayah Hj TibekThe Administrative System in Islamic Organizations: a Study on the World Islamic Call Society2013
49Naser Mohammaed Sulaiman SaadP50615Doktor FalsafahEeman Muhammad Abbas, Roziah Sidik@sidinCivilizational Relations and Influences in the Southwest Asia and the Northeast Africa regions during the Middle Paleolithic Era Through Archaeological Findings2013
50Wiam Sh. GhaniP46364Doktor FalsafahKamaruzzaman Yusof, Wan Kamal MujaniBritish Foreign Policy and its Impact on Iraq From 1945 to 19632013
51Aida I.M. KoniP59738SarjanaKhalim Zainal, Maznah IbrahimService Quality Assessment of Higher Education in Palestine2013
52Ali Omar Moftah MedonP52115SarjanaAhmad Muhammad HusniPenggunaan dan Tanggungjawab Antarabangsa Dalam Undang-Undang Antarabangsa dan Malaysia: Satu Kajian Aplikasi Perbandingan2013
53Mohd Hafiz bin SafiaiP58344SarjanaIbnor Azli IbrahimBalai Cerap Astrofiqh di Malaysia: Perkembangan dan Peranannya Sebagai Pusat Fiqh Falak Bersepadu2013
54Mossa Kadeam Mohammad P59740SarjanaEeman Muhammad AbbasNasiriyyah City at the End of Ottoman Reign 1869-1914m A Histotical Study2013
55Shohreh MousaviP56813SarjanaRohimi Shapiee, Rohaida NordinThe Age of Criminal Responsibility of Children in International Law and Islamic republic of Iran2013
56Leow Wei YiP34137Sarjana FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Norani OthmanScientific Research in British Malaya 1900-194120120129252142

57Muhammad FebriansyahP38072Doktor FalsafahSumit K. Mandal, Abdul Rahman EmbongPolitik Budaya dan Seni Perlawanan Pada Masa Orde Baru: Satu Kajian Kes Terhadap Aktiviti Kesenian dan Politik Penyair Wiji
58Afrizal Anwar@Teuku AfrizalP27861Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Joy Jacqueline PereiraPeranan Komuniti dalam Pengurusan Persekitaran: Kajian Kes di Kota Bahru,
59Ramanan MaliniP32867Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Sumit K. MandalA Study of Telugu Identity and Community in Teluk Intan and Bagan
60Ali Abdulkarem A AlashegP48481Doktor FalsafahEeman Muhammad Abbas, Wan Kamal MujaniNon- Interference Pronciple in Internal states Affairs: an Analytical Study of International Intervention in Iraq2012
61Juhaena Hamid Hasani Al-SraiyP43729Doktor FalsafahSiti Rugayah Hj TibekThe Forms Systems in Mesopotamian Plastic Arts in the Era Before Writing: A Semiotic Study2012
62Ali Gh Saeid AliP46360Doktor FalsafahMd. Sapar @Mohd Safar Hasim, Zamri AriffinEco-Tourism the Emirate of Abu Dhabi: Analytical Study2012
63Mohammed Munzir Jalal P46363Doktor FalsafahEeman Muhammad Abbas, Kamaruzzaman YusoffTurkey’s Water Policy in Digla – Euphrates Basin and it Repurcussions on iraq From 1990-20092012
64SarwanP32341Doktor FalsafahKamaruzzaman YusofIsu Kemajuan Dalam Majalah Al-Iman (1906-1908)2012
65Zurina MansorP40000Sarjana FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Norani OthmanBudaya Organisasi di Syarikat Swasta dan Kesannya Ke atas Prestasi Pekerja: Satu Kajian Kes di Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd2011
66Chai Ming HockP34139Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman EmbongPemerkauman Isu Pilihan Raya dalam Akhbar Arus Perdana Bahasa Inggeris di Malaysia2010
67Lim Suk YeeP40001Sarjana FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Sumit K. Mandal, SharifahZarina Syed ZakariaKepelbagaian Budaya dan Identiti: Satu Kajian ke atas Pelajar di sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Kota Kinabalu, Sabah2010
68Marziah MokhtarP24759Doktor FalsafahTham Siew Yean, dato’ Gan, Hassan Shaari Mohd NorKesan limpahan teknologi dan R&D asing terhadap pertumbuhan faktor keseluruhan di sektor pembuatan2009
69Md Rosli IsmailP23068Sarjana FalsafahAbdul Rahman EmbongInteraksi dan Adaptasi Budaya di Kalangan Ekspatriat Jepun di Malaysia20080122837053
70Fathonah Kasuwi DaudP26613Sarjana FalsafahNorani OthmanFiqh Emansipatoris : Satu Kajian Tentang Pemikiran Feminisme Islam dan Gagasan Figh Emansipatoris di Indonesia2008
71Sharifah Zarina Syed ZakariaP31479Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Lilia Halim (FP)Kesedaran Terhadap alam Sekitar: Elemen Pembangunan Manusia dalam Sukatan Pelajaran Sains Sekolah Rendah, Malaysia dan Jepun.20080197458385
72Farid. Ab mukminP26127Sarjana Falsafah Lee Poh PingHubungan Amerika Syarikat – Rantau Asia Tenggara Pasca 11 September: Tumpuan pada Malaysia dan Indonesia.2008
73Loh Leong HuaP17912Doktor FalsafahRagayah, Lee Poh Ping, Rajah RasiahCorporate Governance in the Malaysian Business Environment20070198868898
74Nasrullah Ali FauziP20743SarjanaAbdul Rahman Embong, Diana WongMedia Alternatif dan Wacana Kontra-Hegemoni di Malaysia: Satu Kajian Kes terhadap Harakah, Suara PRM dan The Rocket20060176316851
Attache Kedutaan Indonesia
75Rosita SuhaimiP25945Doktor FalsafahTham Siew Yean, Gan Khuan Poh, Hassan Shaari Mohd NorKesan K-ekonomi Kepada sektor
76Hew Wai WengP23070SarjanaSumit K. Mandal, Norani OthmanIdentiti Cina Muslim Dalam Kancah Budaya dan Sejarah Malaysia2005 (Anugerah Tesis Cemerlang)
77Gusni Sa’atP18853Doktor FalsafahAbdul Rahman Embong, Diana WongSamah-Bajau Dalam Arus Pembadaran di Sabah2005
78MuchidP21604SarjanaAbdul Rahman EmbongPembangunan Usahawan Tempatan Pulau batam Indonesia: Tindak balas Usahawan Tempatan Terhadap Dasar Pemerintah Pusat (1997-2002)2005
79Park Eun SilP2458SarjanaNorani OthmanMenstruation and Sexuality of Women in Malaysia: An Exploratory Study Among Malay, Chinese and Indian
80Ismawati SharkawiP17621SarjanaRagayah Haji Mat ZinMasalah Pembiayaan Dalam IKS: Kajian IKS di Kuching Sarawak2004Ismawati Sharkawi
Dept. Of Social Science
Tel. : +6086-855344
81Kho Suan GaikP10634SarjanaNorani OthmanLatihan dan Pembangunan Sumber Manusia: Usaha Membentuk Sumber Manusia yang Berkemahiran dan Berpendidikan2004
82Saadiah MohamadP14434Doktor FalsafahRagayah Haji Mat Zin, Mahendran Nair, Ibrahim El Badawi, Abdul GhafarExchange Rates and International Competitiveness in Southeast Asian Countries : A Study of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand2003 (Anugerah Dekan)Professor of Economics
Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Deputy Dean
(Research and Industry Linkages)
Faculty of Business Management
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
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+603 3258 7004/5544 4799
83Chang Teck PengP14433SarjanaAbdul Rahman EmbongMedia Massa dan Hegemoni Barisan Nasional. Satu Kajian Kes ke atas Peranan Media Dalam Pengurusan Krisis Kewangan 1997 di Malaysia20030123828799
84Foo Lai Reen JoanneP15277SarjanaLee Poh Ping, Tham Siew YeanPelaburan Teknologi Tinggi Jepun di Malaysia2003
85Hasrul Sani SiregarA7230SarjanaRajah Rasiah, Sabihah Osman, Sumit MandalAsas Kerjasama SIJORI (Singapura-Johor-Riau): Kajian Penyertaan Riau2001
86Nor Hayati Sa’atA6467SarjanaNorani Othman, Abdul Rahman EmbongBudaya Ilmu dan Literasi Budaya di Kalangan Pelajar: Satu Kajian Kes2000
87Au Yong GeokA5884SarjanaNorani Othman, Abdul Rahman EmbongKerja, wang, kuasa dan keseksualan dalam hubungan conjugal masyarakat moden kelas menengah,