IKMAS Seminar Series No.5/2017


Dr. Heng Siam-Heng
Visiting Professor at Chiang Mai University,Thailand

7 December 2017 | 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
Lestari Seminar Room 2
IKMAS Seminar Series No.5/2017
The National University
of Malaysia


This paper argues for an integrated approach to the project of nation-building, which consists of three components. First, the project is future oriented though nation has a past and has roots in ethnic sentiments. Differences in ethnic roots should not hinder strong commitment to build a future together. Second, the project requires bottom up initiatives. It entails mobilization and participation of an active citizenry; it gives form and substance to the democratic ideals of civic participation in the national life of the country. Participation in activities inspired by lofty ideals for the common good nurtures authentic solidarity. Third, as a political project, it has its moral dimension, with emphasis on inclusiveness, human rights, universal citizenship and social justice.


Dr Michael Heng has held academic appointments in Australia, the Netherlands and at 6 universities in Asia. He spends most of his working life doing teaching and research at universities. In between, he has worked as a software engineer at a transnational company, a research scientist at the Dutch research agency TNO, and an associate editor of a business weekly magazine. He has published five books. His teaching and research interests are in business strategy, electronic business, supply chain, globalisation, Asian modernisation, and Nation Building. He was a former Adjunct Professor at IKMAS for two years and currently is a Visiting Professor at Chiang Mai University, Thailand