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Masa Depan Cerita Rakyat Masyarakat Orang Asli Jakun

Siti Fatiemah Sa’at & Jama’yah Zakaria


Folklore is an oral genre passed down from generation to generation. This heritage exists through their ancestors some time ago. Nevertheless, as time passes by moving through sophisticated technology, people who were previously close to the community has become increasingly distant and folklore began to be forgotten. In this writing, the researcher specifies the study of folklore on the Jakun’s communities which has been nearly forgotten by the members of the community. If no effort is undertaken, this folklore will be facing extinction and future generations would not be able to know the story of this unique people. Therefore, in this writing, the author will show the factors that contribute to the cause of the extinction and identifying the influence factors to the future of community folklore of Jakun’s through interviews  on a number of respondents.

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