Congratulations to Authors of Q1 Journals (March 2020)

IMEN staff published 3 Q1 articles in March 2020. The details are as follow:


1. Authors: Dr Dilla Duryha Berhanuddin, AP Dr Ahmad Rifqi Md Zain and AP Dr P Susthitha Menon

Title: Enhanced sensitivity of microring resonator based sensor using finite difference time domain method to detect glucose level for diabetes monitoring

Journal: Applied Sciences


2. Authors: Dr Abdul Rahman Mohmad and Dr Mohd Ambri Mohamed

Title: Effects of Mo vapor concentration on the morphology of vertically standing MoS2 nanoflakes

Journal: Nanotechnology


3. Authors: AP Dr Dee Chang Fu and Prof Dr Azrul Azlan Hamzah

Title: Titanium dioxide–mediated resistive nanobiosensor for E. coli O157:H7

Journal: Microchimica Acta