RA/GRA Master/PhD Positions for Project Micro-Nano Filtration

1 GRA student positions vacancy is available at Institut of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics for the research project funded by MOHE (Ministry of education) under FRGS project. This FRGS-funded project aims to evaluate different biomolecules in response to dielectrophoresis (DEP) electrodes for their selective removal in filtration application e.g. artificial kidney, anti-fouling, anti-bacterial etc. It will be a silicon-based lab-on-chip technology.

Preferred students’ backgrounds are physics, engineering (bio-chemical), chemistry or materials sciences, though other specialty will also be considered. This project can be extended to PhD if the candidate delivers good results. Malaysian students will be given scholarship stipends which commensurate with their grades and relevant experiences.


Please contact :

Dr.  Ramdzan (muhdramdzan@ukm.edu.my )
Dr.  Kim Siow (kimsiow@ukm.edu.my) 

for further information if you are interested.