Journals (ISI and SCOPUS) 2017

List of Jurnal Publcation 2017

Buyong, M.RB4:D35., Larki, F., Takamura, Y., Majlis, B.Y., Tapered microelectrode array system for
dielectrophoretically filtration: fabrication, characterization, and simulation study Journal of
Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 16(4), 044501

Iqbal, N., Choudhury, P.K., Effects of admittance and gyrotropy on the scattering due to chiro-
ferrite medium coated microstructured PMC cylinder, Optics Communications 405: 88-95

Baqir, M.A., Choudhury, P.K., Graphene-based slab waveguide for slow-light propagation and mode
filtering, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 31(18):2055-2063

Samsuri, S.A.M., Rahman, M.Y.A., Umar, A.A., Salleh, M.M., Influence of ZnO growth temperature on
the performance of dye-sensitized solar cell utilizing TiO2-ZnO composite film photoanode
Ionics 23(12): 3533-3544

Shah, M.T., Balouch, A., Sirajuddin, Pathan, A.A., Abdullah, Mahar, A.M., Sabir, S., Khattak, R.,
Umar, A.A., SiO2 caped Fe3O4 nanostructures as an active heterogeneous catalyst for 4-nitrophenol
reduction, Microsystem Technologies 23(12): 5745-5758

Said, F.A., Menon, P.S., Rajendran, V., Shaari, S., Majlis, B.Y., Investigation of graphene-on-metal
substrates for SPR-based sensor using finite-difference time domain, IET Nanobiotechnology 11

Salim, M.A.M., Ahmad, H., Azzuhri, S.R., Razak, M.Z.A., Harun, S.W., Tunable wavelength generation
in the 1 µm region incorporating a 16-channel arrayed waveguide grating (AWG), Laser Physics 27

Zamhari, N., Ehsan, A.A., Rahman, M.S.A., S-bend silicon-on-insulator (SOI) large cross-section rib
waveguide for directional coupler, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 7
(6): 3299-3305

Faseehuddin, M., Sampe, J., Shireen, S., Ali, S.H.M., A Novel Mix-Mode Universal Filter Employing a
Single Active Element and Minimum Number of Passive Components, Informacije MIDEM 47(4), pp. 211-221

Mohammad, F., Sampe, J., Shireen, S., Hamid Md Ali, S., Minimum passive components based lossy and
lossless inductor simulators employing a new active block, AEU – International Journal of
Electronics and Communications 82, pp. 226-240

Budi, S., Kurniawan, B., Mott, D.M., Umar, A.A., Manaf, A., Comparative trial of saccharin-added
electrolyte for improving the structure of an electrodeposited magnetic FeCoNi thin film, Thin Solid
Films 642: 51-57

Wang, H., Hsieh, T., Lin, Y., (…), Majlis, B.Y., Chang, E.Y., AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs with High
Quality ALD-Al₂O₃ Gate Dielectric Using Water and Remote Oxygen Plasma as Oxidants,
IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society Article in Press

Moghaddas, S., Ghasemi, M., Choudhury, P.K., Majlis, B.Y., Engineered Metasurface of Gold Funnels
for Terahertz Wave Filtering, Plasmonics 1-17 Article in press

Alrashdan, M.H.S., Hamzah, A.A., Majlis, B.Y., Power density optimization for MEMS piezoelectric
micro power generator below 100 Hz applications, Microsystem Technologies pp. 1-14 Article in Press

Wang, D., Mei, Y.-H., Xie, H., Zhang, K., Siow, K.S., Li, X., Lu, G.-Q., Roles of palladium
particles in enhancing the electrochemical migration resistance of sintered nano-silver paste as a
bonding material, Materials Letters 206: 1-4

Ooi, P.C., Haniff, M.A.S.M., Wee, M.F.M.R., Dee, C.F., Goh, B.T., Mohamed, M.A., Majlis, B.Y.,
Reduced graphene oxide preparation and its applications in solution-processed write-once-read-many-
times graphene-based memory device, Carbon 124: 547-554

Larki, F., Dehzangi, A., Islam, M.S., (…), Abedini, A., Majlis, B.,Effect of Channel Width
Variation on Electrical Characteristics of Double Lateral Gate Junctionless Transistors; A Numerical
Study, Silicon pp. 1-10 Article in Press

Al-Tarawni, M.A.M., Bakar, A.A.A., Md Zain, A.R., Tarawneh, M.A., Ahmad, S.H., Improvement of
integrated electric field sensor based on hybrid segmented slot waveguide, Optical Engineering 56
(10) Art. No.107105

Chen, T.F., Siow, K.S., Ng, P.Y., Majlis, B.Y., Enhancing the biocompatibility of the polyurethane
methacrylate and off-stoichiometry thiol-ene polymers by argon and nitrogen plasma treatment,
Materials Science and Engineering C 79: 613-621

Ghasemi, M., Choudhury, P.K., Baqir, M.A., Mohamed, M.A., Zain, A.R.M., Majlis, B.Y., Metamaterial
absorber comprising chromium-gold nanorods-based columnar thin films, Journal of Nanophotonics 11
(4): Article number 043505

Alizadeh, M., Goh, B.T., Pandey, A.K., Dee, C.F., Rahman, S.A., Low-RF-power growth of InN thin
films by plasma-assisted reactive evaporation with a localized ion source, Materials Chemistry and
Physics 199: 408-415

Iqbal, N., Choudhury, P.K., Scattering response of featured uniaxial anisotropic chiral medium-
coated twisted PEC cylinder, Waves in Random and Complex Media 1-12 Article in Press

Baqir, M.A., Choudhury, P.K., Hyperbolic Metamaterial-Based UV Absorber, IEEE Photonics Technology
Letters 29(18): 1548-1551 Art. No.8000645

Muhamad Ramdzan Buyong; Farhad Larki; Celine Elie Caille; Yuzuru Takamura; Azrul Azlan Hamzah;
Burhanuddin Y. Majlis, Determination of lateral and vertical dielectrophoresis forces using tapered
microelectrode array, Micro & Nano Letters, 6 pp.

Hamid, N.A., Majlis, B.Y., Yunas, J., Syafeeza, A.R., Wong, Y.C., Ibrahim, M., A stack bonded
thermo-pneumatic micro-pump utilizing polyimide based actuator membrane for biomedical applications,
Microsystem Technologies 23(9): 4037-4043

Saroni, A., Alizadeh, M., Rahman, S.A., Dee, C.F., Goh, B.T., Composition and optical property
controlled in In2O3/W2N nanostructure composites by nitrogen plasma assisted in-situ thermal
annealing, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 68, pp. 6-14

Moghaddas, S., Choudhury, P.K., Ibrahim, A.-B.M.A., TE and TM mode power transmission through liquid
crystal clad elliptical guides, Optik 145, pp. 113-120

Iwantono, I., Anggelina, F., Md Saad, S.K., Rahman, M.Y.A., Umar, A.A., Influence of Ag ion
adsorption on the photoactivity of ZnO nanorods for dye-sensitized solar cell application, Materials
Express 7(4): 312-318

Zulkefli, M.A., Mohamed, M.A., Siow, K.S., Majlis, B.Y., Kulothungan, J., Muruganathan, M., Mizuta,
H., Three-dimensional finite element method simulation of perforated graphene nano-electro-
mechanical (NEM) switches, Micromachines 8(8): Art. No. 236

Umar, A.A., Md Saad, S.K., Salleh, M.M., Scalable Mesoporous Platinum Diselenide Nanosheet Synthesis
in Water, ACS Omega 2(7): 3325-3332

Zulkefli, M.A., Mohamed, M.A., Siow, K.S., Majlis, B.Y., Kulothungan, J., Muruganathan, M., Mizuta,
H., Stress analysis of perforated graphene nano-electro-mechanical (NEM) contact switches by 3D
finite element simulation, Microsystem Technologies Pages 1-9 Article in Press

Dahlan, D., Md Saad, S.K., Berli, A.U., Bajili, A., Umar, A.A., Synthesis of two-dimensional
nanowall of Cu-Doped TiO2 and its application as photoanode in DSSCs, Physica E: Low-Dimensional
Systems and Nanostructures 91, pp. 185-189

Latif, R., Majlis, B.Y., Cheung, R., MEMS design and modelling based on resonant gate transistor for
cochlear biomimetical application, Microsystem Technologies 23(7): 2329-2342

Yahya, N.A.M., Hamid, M.R.Y., Ibrahim, S.A., Ong, B.H., Rahman, N.A., Zain, A.R.M., Mahdi, M.A.,
Yaacob, M.H., H2 sensor based on tapered optical fiber coated with MnO2 nanostructures, Sensors and
Actuators, B: Chemical 246: 421-427

Mohd Ambri Mohamed, Farah Dzilhani Zulkefli & Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, Pencirian Transistor Karbon
Tiub Nano Berdinding Tunggal yang Dihasilkan melalui Kaedah Pertumbuhan Langsung, Sains Malaysiana
46(7): 1141-1145

Khalid, A., Mohamed, M.A., Umar, A.A., Graphene growth at low temperatures using RF-plasma enhanced
chemical vapour deposition, Sains Malaysiana 46(7): 1111-1117

Hamzah, A.A., Selvarajan, R.S., Majlis, B.Y., Graphene for biomedical applications: A review, Sains
Malaysiana 46(7): 1125-1139

Abidin, H.E.Z., Hamzah, A.A., Majlis, B.Y., Characterization of graphene nanolayers Grown on MEMS
interdigital supercapacitor electrode | [Pencirian pertumbuhan lapisan nano grafin di atas elektrod
antara digit superkapasitor MEMS], Sains Malaysiana 46(7): 1061-1067

Abidin, N.F.Z., Ahmad, I., Ker, P.J., Menon, P.S., Performance characterization of schottky
tunneling graphene field effect transistor at 60 nm gate length, Sains Malaysiana 46(7): 1089-1095

Siow, K.S., Graphite exfoliation to commercialize graphene technology | [Pengelupasan grafit untuk
mengkomersilkan teknologi grafin], Sains Malaysiana 46(7): 1047-1059

Masrie, M., Yunas, J., Majlis, B.Y., Dehzangi, A., Vertically integrated optical transducer for
bio-particle detection, Journal of Engineering Science and Technology 12(7): 1886-1899

Sallah, S.S.M., Md Ali, S.H., Menon, P.S., Juhari, N., Islam, M.S., Comparative performances of
SOI-based optical interconnect vs. electrical interconnect in analog electronic applications, IEICE
Transactions on Electronics E100C(7): 655-661

Tan, K.H., Lee, H.W., Chen, J.-W., Dee, C.F., Majlis, B.Y., Soh, A.K., Wu, C.-L., Chai, S.-P.,
Chang, W.S., Self-Assembled Heteroepitaxial AuNPs/SrTiO3: Influence of AuNPs Size on SrTiO3 Band Gap
Tuning for Visible Light-Driven Photocatalyst, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121(25): 13487-13495

Said, M.M., Yunas, J., Bais, B., Hamzah, A.A., Majlis, B.Y., Hybrid polymer composite membrane for
an electromagnetic (EM) valveless micropump, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 27(7):
Art. No. 075027

Tiong, T.-Y., Dee, C.-F., Hamzah, A.A., Goh, B.T., Wong, Y.-Y., Ooi, L., Majlis, B.Y., Salleh, M.M.,
Ahmad, I., A rapid responding ultraviolet sensor based on multi-parallel aligned ZnO nanowires field
effect transistor, Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical 260: 139-145

Burham, N., Hamzah, A.A., Yunas, J., Majlis, B.Y., Electrochemically etched nanoporous silicon
membrane for separation of biological molecules in mixture, Journal of Micromechanics and
Microengineering 27(7): Art. No. 075021

Alvankarian, J., Majlis, B.Y., Impact of oxygen-permeable mold on fabrication of microchannels with
ultraviolet curable materials, Microsystem Technologies 23(6): 1805-1812

Sadikin, S.N., Rahman, M.Y.A., Umar, A.A., Salleh, M.M., Effect of spin-coating cycle on the
properties of TiO2 thin film and performance of DSSC, International Journal of Electrochemical
Science 12(6): 5529-5538

Saiful Badri, M.A., Salleh, M.M., Md Noor, N.F., Rahman, M.Y.A., Umar, A.A., Green synthesis of
few-layered graphene from aqueous processed graphite exfoliation for graphene thin film reparation,
Materials Chemistry and Physics 193: 212-219

Al-Tarawni, M.A.M., Bakar, A.A.A., Zain, A.R.M., Tarawneh, M.A., Ahmad, S.H., Optimizing an
integrated waveguide modulator for sensitive low-frequency alternating-current electric-field
sensors, Optical Engineering 56(6): Art. No. 067101

Bakar, N.A., Salleh, M.M., Umar, A.A., Shapter, J.G., Design and measurement technique of surface-
enhanced Raman scattering for detection of bisphenol A, Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience
and Nanotechnology 8(2): Art. No. 025008

Abdullah, N.A., Bakar, N.A., Shapter, J.G., Salleh, M.M., Umar, A.A., Synthesis of silver-platinum
nanoferns substrates used in surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensors to detect creatinine,
Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 8(2): Art. No.025015

Ahmad, H., Ooi, S.I., Razak, M.Z.A., Azzuhri, S.R., Jasim, A.A., Thambiratnam, K., Ismail, M.F.,
Ismail, M.A., Investigation of ellipticity and pump power in a passively mode-locked fiber laser
using the nonlinear polarization rotation technique, Chinese Optics Letters 15(5): Art. No. 051402

Belgroune, N., Hassein-Bey, A., Hassein-Bey, A.L.S., Tahraoui, A.b, Majlis, B.Y., Benamar, M.E.A.,
Serhane, R., Design and FEM simulation study of a microflow sensor based on piezoresistive PDMS
composite for microfluidic systems, Microsystem Technologies 23(5): 1275-1284

Iqbal, N., Choudhury, P.K., On the Chiroferrite Medium-Based Waveguide Dispersion Compensator, IEEE
Photonics Technology Letters 29(9): 715-718 Art. No.7879180

Liu, S.-C., Huang, C.-K., Chang, C.-H., Lin, Y.-C., Chen, B.-Y., Tsai, S.-P., Majlis, B.Y., Dee,
C.-F., Chang, E.Y., Effective Passivation with High-Density Positive Fixed Charges for GaN MIS-
HEMTs, IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society 5(3): 170-174

Shaharuddin, R.A., Azzuhri, S.A., Ismail, M.A., Rashid, F.A.A., Samion, M.Z., Razak, M.Z.A., Ahmad,
H., Tunable Q-switched ytterbium-doped fibre laser by using zinc oxide as saturable absorber, Opto-
electronics Review 25(1): 10-14

Morsin, M., Salleh, M.M., Umar, A.A., Sahdan, M.Z., Gold nanoplates for a localized surface plasmon
resonance-based boric acid sensor, Sensors (Switzerland) 17(5): 947

Ismail, K., Menon, P.S., Shaari, S., Implementation of SOA and EDFA combination in DWDM system,
Advanced Science Letters 23(5): 4065-4067

Abedini, A., Saraji, M., Bakar, A.A.A., Susthitha Menon, P., Shaari, S., Gamma–Radiation-Assisted
Synthesis of Luminescent ZnO/Ag Heterostructure Core–Shell Nanocomposites, Plasmonics pp. 1-8
Article in Press

Md Sallah, S.S.B., Md Ali, S.H., Menon, P.S., Juhari, N.B., Islam, M.S., Implementation of SOI-based
Rib waveguide for high-speed optical interconnect, Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and
Computer Engineering 9(2): 17-22

Idris, S., A. Bakar, A.A., Thevy Ratnam, C., Kamaruddin, N.H., Shaari, S., Influence of gamma
irradiation on polymerization of pyrrole and glucose oxidase immobilization onto poly (pyrrole)/poly
(vinyl alcohol) matrix, Applied Surface Science 400, pp. 118-128

Mohamad, T.N.T., Sampe, J., Berhanuddin, D.D., Architecture of micro energy harvesting using hybrid
input of RF, thermal and vibration for semi-active RFID tag, Engineering Journal 21(2), pp. 183-197
Open Access

Siow, K.S., Britcher, L., Kumar, S., Griesser, H.J., Plasma Polymers Containing Sulfur and Their
Co-Polymers With 1,7-Octadiene: Chemical and Structural Analysis, Plasma Processes and Polymers 14
(3): Art. No. 1600044

Dehzangi, A., Larki, F., Mohd Razip Wee, M.F., Wichmann, N., Majlis, B.Y., Bollaert, S., Analog/RF
Study of Self-aligned In0.53Ga0.47As MOSFET with Scaled Gate Length, Journal of Electronic Materials
46 (2), pp. 782-789

Zamhari, N., Ehsan, A.A., Large cross-section rib silicon-on-insulator (SOI) S-bend waveguide, Optik
130, pp. 1414-1420

Noor Azmy, N.A., A. Bakar, A.A., Arsad, N., Idris, S., Mohmad, A.R., Abdul Hamid, A., Enhancement of
ZnO-rGO nanocomposite thin films by gamma radiation for E. coli sensor, Applied Surface Science 392:

Ali Umar, M.I., Yap, C.C., Awang, R., Mat Salleh, M., Effect of thermal reduction temperature on the
optical and electrical properties of multilayer graphene, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in
Electronics 28:(1): 1038-1041

Rahman, M.Y.A., Sulaiman, A.S., Umar, A.A., Salleh, M.M., Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) utilizing
reduced graphene oxide (RGO) films counter electrode: effect of graphene oxide (GO) content, Journal
of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 28(1): 1674-1678

Sabri, N.S., Yap, C.C., Yahaya, M., Mat Salleh, M., Hj Jumali, M.H., Solution-dispersed CuO
nanoparticles as anode buffer layer in inverted type hybrid organic solar cells, Physica Status
Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science 214(1): 1600418

Samsuri, S.A.M., Rahman, M.Y.A., Umar, A.A., Comparative study of the properties of TiO2 nanoflower
and TiO2-ZnO composite nanoflower and their application in dye-sensitized solar cells, Ionics 23(7),
pp. 1897-1902

Abdullah, I., Zulkifli, M.N., Jalar, A., Ismail, R., Deformation behaviour of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu
(SAC305) solder wire under varied tensile strain rates, Soldering and Surface Mount Technology 29
(2), pp. 110-117

Far’aina, N., Salleh, M.M., Ashraf, M., Rahman, M.Y.A., Umar, A.A., Synthesis of blue-luminescence
graphene quantum dots using hydrothermal method, Solid State Phenomena 268 SSP, pp. 259-263

Sahari, S.K., Kashif, M., Sutan, N.M., Embong, Z., Nik Zaini Fathi, N.A.F., Hamzah, A.A., Sapawi,
R., Majlis, B.Y., Ahmad, I., Growth kinetic and composition of the interfacial layer for RF
sputtering Al2O3 layer on germanium, Microelectronics International34(2), pp. 64-68

Hakim, N.H.A., Majlis, B.Y., Suzuki, H., Tsukahara, T., Neuron-specific splicing, BioScience Trends
11(1), pp. 16-22

Mohd Arif, N.A.A., Jiun, C.C., Shaari, S., Effect of Annealing Temperature and Spin Coating Speed on
Mn-Doped ZnS Nanocrystals Thin Film by Spin Coating, Journal of Nanomaterials 2017: Art. No. 2560436

Fauzia, V., Yusnidar, M.N., Lalasari, L.H., Subhan, A., Umar, A.A., High figure of merit transparent
conducting Sb-doped SnO2 thin films prepared via ultrasonic spray pyrolysis, Journal of Alloys and
Compounds 720, pp. 79-85

Azam, M.A., Zulkapli, N.N., Dorah, N., Seman, R.N.A.R., Ani, M.H., Sirat, M.S., Ismail, E., Fauzi,
F.B., Mohamed, M.A., Majlis, B.Y., Critical considerations of high quality graphene synthesized by
plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for electronic and energy storage devices, “ECS Journal of
Solid State Science and Technology 6
(6) M3035-M3048”

Noor Faizah, Z.A., Ahmad, I., Ker, P.J., Menon, P.S., Afifah Maheran, A.H., Vthand ILEAK
Optimization using taguchi method at 32nm bilayer graphene PMOS, Journal of Telecommunication,
Electronic and Computer Engineering 9(2-7), pp. 105-109

Afifah Maheran, A.H., Menon, P.S., Ahmad, I., (…), Noor, Z.A., Elgomati, H.A., Control factors
optimization on threshold voltage and leakage current in 22 nm NMOS transistor using Taguchi method,
Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering 9(2-7), pp. 137-141

Selamat, N., Rahim, M.S.B., Ehsan, A.A., Particles trajectories simulation of hydrodynamic focusing
in circular and rectangular polymer microflow cytometer, International Journal of Applied
Engineering Research 12(7): 1311-1315

Sallah, S.S.B.M., Ali, S.H.M., Menon, P.S., Juhari, N., Islam, M.S., Implementation of on-chip
optical interconnect in high speed digital circuit: Two-stage CMOS buffer, Asian Journal of
Scientific Research 10(1): 50-55

Semsudin, N.A.A., Sampe, J., Islam, M.S., Ali, S.H.M., Integrated hybrid micro energy harvester
based on thermal and vibration using op-amp for biomedical devices, Asian Journal of Scientific
Research 10(1): 34-42

Sampe, J., Semsudin, N.A.A., Zulkifli, F.F., Islam, M.S., Razak, M.Z.A., Hybrid energy harvester
based on radio frequency, thermal and vibration inputs for biomedical devices, Asian Journal of
Scientific Research 10(2): 79-87

Yaakob, W.F., Sampe, J., Kamal, N., FPGA Implementation of rapid cipheringand high throughput of
smart card memory ciphering system, Asian Journal of Scientific Research 10(2): 88-96

Bakar, N.A., Salleh, M.M., Umar, A.A., Shapter, J.G., Direct deposition of silver nanoplates on
quartz surface by sequence pre-treatment hydroxylation and silanisation, MethodsX 4: 486-491

Farahdiana Wan Yunus, Azrul Azlan Hamzah, Jumril Yunas, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, Kepenggunaan
dielektroforesis (DEP) di dalam pengasingan zarah bagi aplikasi buah pinggang tiruan, Jurnal
Kejuruteraan Teknologi dan Sains Sosial 40-46

Wan Ammar Fikri Wan Ali, Jumril Yunas, Azrul Azlan Hamzah, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, Kajian berangka
bendalir laminar di dalam sesalur mikro bertiang bagi aplikasi peranti biomedikal, Jurnal
Kejuruteraan Teknologi dan Sains Sosial 47-55

Mas Syarafina Norzin, Azrul Azlan Hamzah, Jumril Yunas, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, Rekabentuk plat
kapasitans untuk pengesanan ion kalium di dalam bendalir bagi aplikasi buah pinggang tiruan, Jurnal
Kejuruteraan Teknologi dan Sains Sosial 47-55

Norhayati Abu Bakar, Muhamad Mat Salleh dan Akrajas Ali Umar, Detection of creatinine on triangular
silver nanoplates surface using surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensor, International Journal of
Biomedical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 335-342