Journals 2018 (ISI and SCOPUS)

Nawi, N., Majlis, B.Y., Mahdi, M.A., De La Rue, R.M., Lonĉar, M., Md Zain, A.R.
Enhancement and reproducibility of high quality factor, one-dimensional photonic crystal/photonic wire (1D PhC/PhW) microcavities
Journal of the European Optical Society 14(1),6 Open Access

Bakar, E.A., Mohamed, M.A., Ooi, P.C., Wee, M.F.M.R., Dee, C.F., Majlis, B.Y.
Fabrication of indium-tin-oxide free, all-solution-processed flexible nanogenerator device using nanocomposite of barium titanate and graphene quantum dots in polyvinylidene fluoride polymer matrix
Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications 61, pp. 289-295

Lee, L.T., Mohamed, M.A., Yahya, I., Kulothungan, J., Muruganathan, M., Mizuta, H.
Comparison of piezoelectric energy harvesting performance using silicon and graphene cantilever beam
Microsystem Technologies 24(9): 3783-3789

Siow KS
Low Pressure Plasma Modifications for the Generation of Hydrophobic Coatings for Biomaterials Applications
Plasma Processes & Polymer

Lau, K.Y., Abu Bakar, M.H., Md Zain, A.R., Abas, A.F., Alresheedi, M.T., Mahdi, M.A.
Stable multi-wavelength erbium-doped fiber laser assisted by graphene/PMMA thin film
Optics and Laser Technology 105, pp. 129-134

Far’ain Md Noor, N., Saiful Badri, M.A., Salleh, M.M., Umar, A.A.
Synthesis of white fluorescent pyrrolic nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots, Optical Materials 83: 306-314

Liao, S.S., Chuang, C.L., Lin, Y.C., Dee, C.F., Majlis, B.Y., Chang, E.Y. Dee Chang Fu Effect of surface passivation by a low pressure and temperature environment-grown thermal oxide
layer for multi-crystalline silicon solar cells, Thin Solid Films 660: 1-9

Ahmad Ghadafi Ismail
The impact of alkyl phosphonic acid monolayer modified dielectrics on the performance of n-channel organic thin-film transistors
Materials Focus 7(4): 480-484

Larki, F., Dehzangi, A., Islam, M.S., Ali, S.H.M., Abedini, A., Majlis, B.
Effect of Channel Width Variation on Electrical Characteristics of Double Lateral Gate Junctionless Transistors; A Numerical Study
Silicon 10(4): 1305-1314

Lumbantoruan, F., Wu, C.-H., Zheng, X.-X., Singh, S.K., Dee, C.-F., Majlis, B.Y., Chang, E.-Y.
Analysis of Leakage Current Mechanism for Ni/Au Schottky Contact on InAlGaN/GaN HEMT
Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science 215(11); 1700741

Abedini, A., Saraji, M., Bakar, A.A.A., Susthitha Menon, P., Shaari, S.
Gamma–Radiation-Assisted Synthesis of Luminescent ZnO/Ag Heterostructure Core–Shell Nanocomposites
Plasmonics 13(3), pp. 771-778

Rahman, M.Y.A., Sadikin, S.N., Umar, A.A.
TiO2-coated ZnS films as photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cell: effect of zinc nitrate hexahydrate concentration on the performance
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 124(6): Art. No. 460

Faseehuddin, M., Sampe, J., Shireen, S., Ali, S.H.M.
Lossy and lossless inductance simulators and universal filters employing a new versatile active block
Informacije MIDEM 48(2): 97-113

Ilamaran, S.G.I., Yusoff, Z., Sampe, J.
0.5GHz – 1.5GHz bandwidth 10W GaN HEMT RF power amplifier design
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 8(3): 1837-1843

Kalaivani A. Tarumaraja, P. Susthitha Menon, Sahbudin Shaari, Ahmad G. Ismail, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis G
raphene-based Plasmonic Photonic Crystal Waveguide Integrated Biosensor Circuit
Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics 13(6):839-845

Bte Atanb, N., Majlis, B.Y., Ahmad, I., Chong, K.H.
Analysis the effect of control factors optimization on the threshold voltage of 18 nm PMOS using L27 taguchi method
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 10(3): 934-942

Azzuhri, S.R., Amiri, I.S., Zulkhairi, A.S., Salim, M.A.M., Razak, M.Z.A., Khyasudeen, M.F., Ahmad, H., Zakaria, R., Yupapin, P.
Application of graphene oxide based Microfiber-Knot resonator for relative humidity sensing
Results in Physics 9, pp. 1572-1577

Tan, K.H., Lim, F.S., Toh, A.Z.Y., Zheng, X.-X., Dee, C.F., Majlis, B.Y., Chai, S.-P., Chang, W.S.
Tunable Spectrum Selectivity for Multiphoton Absorption with Enhanced Visible Light Trapping in ZnO Nanorods
Small 14(20): Art. No. 1704053

Fauzi, F.B., Ismail, E., Ani, M.H., Syed Abu Bakar, S.N., Mohamed, M.A., Majlis, B.Y., Md Din, M.F., Azam Mohd Abid, M.A.
A critical review of the effects of fluid dynamics on graphene growth in atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition
Journal of Materials Research 33(9), pp. 1088-1108

Yaakub, T.N.T., Yunas, J., Latif, R., Hamzah, A.A., Wee, M.F.M.R., Majlis, B.Y.
Surface modification of electroosmotic silicon microchannel using thermal dry oxidation Micromachines 9(5): 222

Putri, N.A., Fauzia, V., Iwan, S., Roza, L., Umar, A.A., Budi, S.
Mn-doping-induced photocatalytic activity enhancement of ZnO nanorods prepared on glass substrates Applied Surface Science 439: 285-297

Ani, M.H., Kamarudin, M.A., Ramlan, A.H., Ismail, E., Sirat, M.S., Mohamed, M.A., Azam, M.A.
A critical review on the contributions of chemical and physical factors toward the nucleation and growth of large-area graphene
Journal of Materials Science 53(10), pp. 7095-7111

Umar, A.A., Al-She’irey, A.Y.A., Rahman, M.Y.A., Salleh, M.M., Oyama, M.
Perovskite-sensitized solar cells-based Ga–TiO2nanodiatom-like photoanode: the improvement of performance by perovskite crystallinity refinement
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 124(5): Art. No. 366

Xie, Y., Wang, Y., Mei, Y., Xie, H., Zhang, K., Feng, S., S Siow, K., Li, X., Lu, G.-Q.
Rapid sintering of nano-Ag paste at low current to bond large area (>100 mm2) power chips for electronics packaging
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 255, pp. 644-649

Ismail, A.G.
Photolithographically patterned N-channel organic thin film transistors using sensitized polyvinyl alcohol
Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications 56: 111-115

Jamil, N.A., Susthitha Menon, P., Mei, G.S., Majlis, B.Y.
Sensitivity enhancement of urea biosensor based on surface plasmon resonance and kretschmann configuration with graphene-MoS2hybrid structure | [Peningkatan kepekaan biosensor urea berasaskan resonans plasmon permukaan dan tatasusunan kretschmann dengan struktur hibrid grafin- MoS2]
Sains Malaysiana 47(5):1033-1038

Bakar, M.A., Jalar, A., Ismail, R.
Effect of different surface finishes on micromechanical properties of sac 0307 solder joint using nanoindentation approach | [Kesan kemasan permukaan berbeza terhadap sifat mikromekanik sambungan pateri sac 0307 menggunakan pendekatan pelekukan nano]
Sains Malaysiana 47(5): 1011-1016

Rahman, M.Y.A., Sulaiman, A.S., Umar, A.A.
Dye-sensitized solar cell utilizing gold doped reduced graphene oxide films counter electrode
Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems 21(2), pp. 113-117

Umar, M.I.A., Naumar, F.Y., Salleh, M.M., Umar, A.A.
Hydrothermally grown of well-aligned ZnONRs: dependence of alignment ordering upon precursor concentration Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 29(8): 6892-6897

Alrashdan, M.H.S., Hamzah, A.A., Majlis, B.Y.
Power density optimization for MEMS piezoelectric micro power generator below 100 Hz applications
Microsystem Technologies 24(4), pp. 2071-2084

Bakar, M.A., Jalar, A., Ismail, R.
Reassessment of stereometric quantitative measurements on the growth of intermetallic compound for solder connections | [Penilaian semula pengukuran kuantitatif stereometri terhadap pertumbuhan sebatian antara logam bagi sambungan pateri]
Sains Malaysiana 47(4): 805-810

Mohammadi, H., Abdullah, H., Dee, C.F., Susthitha Menon, P.
A modified two dimensional analytical model for short-channel fully depleted SOI MESFET’s
Microelectronics Reliability 83: 173-179

Moghaddas, S., Choudhury, P.K., Ibrahim, A.-B.M.A.
Complex-structured liquid crystal clad elliptical guides – the cases of with and without conducting sheath helix loadings
Optik 158:1417-1426

Nur Aizat Kamarulzaman, Khai Ern Lee, Kim Shyong Siow
Public perception of nanotechnology for good governance: A conceptual framework for psychological and sociological approaches
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 16 (2): 168-174

Iqbal, N., Choudhury, P.K.
Mode filtering aspects of periodic multilayered chiro-ferrite medium
Optik 157: 449-454

Zulkefli, M.A., Mohamed, M.A., Siow, K.S., Majlis, B.Y.
Nanoelectromechanical switch devices based on graphene and carbon nanotube (CNT) | [Peranti Suis Nanoelektromekanikal (NEM) Berunsurkan Grafin dan Tiub Nano Karbon (CNT)]
Sains Malaysiana 47(3), pp. 619-633

Buyong, M.R., Larki, F., Caille, C.E., Takamura, Y., Hamzah, A.A., Majlis, B.Y.
Determination of lateral and vertical dielectrophoresis forces using tapered microelectrode array
Micro and Nano Letters 13(2), pp. 143-148

Zulkefli, M.A., Mohamed, M.A., Siow, K.S., Majlis, B.Y., Kulothungan, J., Muruganathan, M., Mizuta, H.
Stress analysis of perforated graphene nano-electro-mechanical (NEM) contact switches by 3D finite element simulation
Microsystem Technologies 24(2): 1179-1187

Ghasemi, M., Choudhury, P.K.
Complex Copper Nanostructures for Fluid Sensing—a Comparative Study of the Performance of Helical and Columnar Thin Films
Plasmonics 13(1): 131-139

Sulaiman, A.S., Rahman, M.Y.A., Umar, A.A., Salleh, M.M.
Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Utilizing TiO2Nanostructure Films: Effect of Synthesis Temperature
Russian Journal of Electrochemistry 54(1), pp. 56-61

Ooi, P.C., Wee, M.F.M.R., Dee, C.F., Yap, C.C., Salleh, M.M., Majlis, B.Y.
Fabrication of transparent bistable switching memory device using plasmapolymerized hexamethyldisiloxane layers with embedded graphene quantum dots
Thin Solid Films 645: 45-50

Chan, J.Y., Ahmad Kayani, A.B., Md Ali, M.A., Kok, C.K., Yeop Majlis, B., Hoe, S.L.L., Marzuki, M., Khoo, A.S.-B., Ostrikov, K., Ataur Rahman, M., Sriram, S. Dielectrophoresis-based
microfluidic platforms for cancer diagnostics
Biomicrofluidics 12(1): Art. No. 011503

Sulaiman, N.H., Ghazali, M.J., Yunas, J., Rajabi, A., Majlis, B.Y., Razali, M.
Synthesis and characterization of CaFe2O4nanoparticles via co-precipitation and auto-combustion methods
Ceramics International 44(1), pp. 46-50

Umar, A.A., Md Saad, S.K., Ali Umar, M.I., Rahman, M.Y.A., Oyama, M.
Advances in porous and high-energy (001)-faceted anatase TiO2nanostructures
Optical Materials 75: 390-430

Sihar, N., Tiong, T.Y., Dee, C.F., Ooi, P.C., Hamzah, A.A., Mohamed, M.A., Majlis, B.Y.
Ultraviolet Light-Assisted Copper Oxide Nanowires Hydrogen Gas Sensor
Nanoscale Research Letters 13: Art. No. 150

Md Saad, S.K., Ali Umar, A., Ali Umar, M.I., Tomitori, M., Rahman, M.Y.A., Mat Salleh, M., Oyama, M.
Two-Dimensional, Hierarchical Ag-Doped TiO2Nanocatalysts: Effect of the Metal Oxidation State on the Photocatalytic Properties
ACS Omega 3(3): 2579-2587

Rahman, M.Y.A., Sulaiman, A.S., Umar, A.A.
Effect of annealing temperature of gold doped reduced graphene oxide counter electrode on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cell
International Journal of Electrochemical Science 13, pp. 5620-5629

Ilamaran, S.G.I., Yusoff, Z., Sampe,
0.5GHz – 1.5GHz bandwidth 10W GaN HEMT RF power amplifier design
International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE) 8(3): 1837-1843

Yaakob, W.F., Aris, H., Sampe, J.
A comparative study of Smart Card design with Memory ciphering system on Arm-Based FPGA
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 13(9): 2638-2646

Siow KS,Britcher L,Kumar S,Griesser HJ
XPS Study of Sulfur and Phosphorus Compounds with Different Oxidation States,
Sains Malaysiana 47(8), 1911–1920

Jumril Yunas, Roer Eka Pawinanto, Nur Indah, Sagir Alva, Darwin Sebayang
The Electrical and Mechanical Chaeracterization of Silicon Based Electromagnetic Micro-Actuator for Fluid Injection System
Journal of Engineering Science and Technology,Vol. 13, No. 8 (2018) 2606 – 2615

Muzalifah Mohd Said, Jumril Yunas, Badariah Bais, Azrul Azlan Hamzah and Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis
Design, Fabrication, and Testing of an Electromagnetic Micropump with a Matrix-Patterned Magnetic Polymer Composite Actuator Membrane
Micromachines 9(1): 13

Tuan Norjihan Tuan Yaakub, Jumril Yunas, Rhonira Latif, Azrul Azlan Hamzah , Mohd Farhanulhakim Mohd Razip Wee and Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis
Surface Modification of Electroosmotic Silicon Microchannel Using Thermal Dry Oxidation
Micromachnes 9(5):222

Gan Siew Mei, Najmiah Radiah binti Mohamad, Nur Akmar binti Jamil, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, P.S. Menon
Pengoptimuman Sensor Resonans Plasmon Permukaan berdasarkan Kretschmann dengan Kaedah Taguchi.
Sains Malaysiana

P.S. Menon, Fairus Atida Saad, Siew Mei Gan, Dilla Duryha Berhanuddin, Akrajas Ali Umar, Sahbudin Shaari, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis.
Urea and creatinine detection on nano-laminated gold thin film using Kretschmann-based surface plasmon resonance biosensor.
PloS One

Ismail, N., Ismail, R., Jalar, A., Omar, G., Salleh, E.M., Kamil, N., Rahman, I.A.
Comparative study of interfacial interaction between aromatic and aliphatic functional group in solder wettability
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Jalar, A., Bakar, M.A., Ismail, R., Ibrahim, N.S., Ambak, M.A.
Effect of coloured pigment on intermetallic compound growth of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder joint | [Kesan pigmen pewarna terhadap pertumbuhan sebatian antara logam sambungan pateri Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu]
Sains Malaysiana 47(5): 1005-1010
Che Ani, F., Jalar, A., Saad, A.A., Khor, C.Y., Ismail, R., Bachok, Z., Abas, M.A., Othman, N.K.
The influence of Fe2O3 nano-reinforced SAC lead-free solder in the ultra-fine electronics assembly
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 96(1-4): 717-733

Abdul Manap, N.R., Shamsudin, R., Maghpor, M.N., Abdul Hamid, M.A., Jalar, A.
Adsorption isotherm and kinetic study of gas-solid system of formaldehyde on oil palm mesocarp bio-char: Pyrolysis effect
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 6(1): 970-983

Abdullah, I., Zulkifli, M.N., Jalar, A., Ismail, R.
Deformation behavior relationship between tensile and nanoindentation tests of SAC305 lead-free solder wire
Soldering and Surface Mount Technology 30(3): 194-202

Ani, F.C., Jalar, A., Saad, A.A., Khor, C.Y., Ismail, R., Bachok, Z., Abas, M.A., Othman, N.K.
SAC-xTiO2nano-reinforced lead-free solder joint characterizations in ultra-fine package assembly
Soldering and Surface Mount Technology 30(1): 1-13