In a developing nation, there is always a need to provide and construct infrastructures, public facilities and buildings. In order to construct a better and more economical construction there is the need to acquire advance knowledge and better technique.

UKM has the expertise and facilities to train engineers who wish to enhance their knowledge. Advance of knowledge in emerging technology, obtained through extensive studies and research within UKM and in collaboration with other intuitions and industries, are offered through elective modules. This program would give the opportunity to both UKM and industries to contribute towards building modern civil engineering infrastructures in order to be an industrialised nation.

Objectives (UKM)

The objectives of this programme are :

  1. To prepare candidates for scholastic study, advanced research and professional leadership leading to Advanced Diploma, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.
  2. To design Master’s programmes in selected fields for candidates who plan to pursue advanced studies and to develop their abilities for critical inquiry, independent research and teaching.
  3. To establish PhD programmes for candidates who are capable of conducting original and independent research under expert guidance. Candidates are also expected to provide evidence of maturity by originating, selecting and pursuing his/her own area of research interest. The award of the degree is contingent upon the completion of a thesis constituting new findings that contribute knowledge.
  4. To design professional graduate programmes and advanced diplomas which will cater for candidates who plan to practice their professions either in teaching, research, or administration. The award of the degree or diploma is contingent upon candidates’ mastery of their chosen fields of study and where necessary, upon completion of a thesis.
  5. To establish multidisciplinary programmes where more than one faculty will participate in each programme . This will integrate study programmes from various faculties.

Course Information

The programe is offered as a full-time coursework that may be completed within one year or two consecutive semesters. The courses offered in the program may include lectures, laboratory works, research, reports and seminars. Each course is considered as having 3 credit hour units, except for Masters Thesis that is considered as having 6 units. Each unit is equivalent to a 1-hour lecture per week for 14 weeks of a semester. The course lectures may be given at any time on Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

All lectures would be delivered mostly in English. Submission of coursework and thesis may be submitted in either English or Malay.

Courses Offered


Masters of Engineering (Civil) – by Course Work


Masters of Engineering (Civil) – by Research


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Coordinator for Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy Programmes (Research)

Dr. Suraya binti Sharil

Coordinator for Master of Engineering (Taught Course Programmes)

Dr. Shahrizan bin Baharom