These financial resources have equipped the laboratories sufficiently to conduct research related to the problems in question. Research topics carried out at both undergraduates and postgraduates levels include.The academic members of the department conduct research in all major civil engineering fields such as structures, materials, geotechnics, transportation, and environmental.

Funding for research were obtained from specific government development allocation such as E-Science, Techno Fund, Fundamental Fund-MOHE, IRPA (Intensification of Research Priority Areas), UKM internal funding, public and private organisations, international collaborations, etc.

There are four core research groups within the Department:

  • Structures and Management
  • Water Resources and Environmental
  • Geotechnic
  • Transportation

The Department members also participate actively in research under the research centres such as:

  • Pusat Pengangkutan Bandar Mapan
  • Pusat Kajian Infrastruktur dan Struktur Mampan
  • Pusat Kajian Teknologi Hijau dan Pengurusan Sumber Air Bersepadu