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Jurnal Komunikasi, Malaysian Journal of Communication

Jurnal Komunikasi, Malaysian Journal of Communication is the pioneering journal for media and communication studies in Malaysia and the South East Asia Region. It is an interdisciplinary, bi-annual, blind reviewed online publication which allows researchers to present findings and discuss challenging issues in the broad field of mass communication. Its academic mission is to bring together specialists from diverse scholarly disciplines to discuss and interpret media and communication issues. Its content covers current issues in media and communication research, addressing global and local concerns. While theoretical articles are invited, the journal places higher value on original research based articles and opens its door to articles from the various epistemological, ontological, methodological and axiological perspectives.

Current Issue
Jurnal Komunikasi, Malaysian Journal of Communication
Volume 31(2), 2015

While both public relations and advertising can employ contextual strategy by working together to reach consumers in the most creative and tactical manner, investigative journalism and journalism education nowadays play a crucial role in the democratization of a nation and in shaping journalism practices respectively. Technology advancement and revolution in film arena has brought tremendous change in film making practice. The digital technology alters film industry via production, marketing as well as their audience landscape. Equally relevant is the semiotics of performing in the music videos that captures the hearts and minds of the cyberspace-inhabiting Generation Y. This volume addresses among others ways of interacting and of seeing the world through media, culture, broadcasting, advertising and journalism, all of which, are related to media and communication studies.

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Jurnal Komunikasi, Malaysian Journal of Communication
Volume 32(1), 2016

Members of the Editorial Board for Jurnal Komunikasi, Malaysian Journal of Communication (JK-MJC) wish to thank all contributors, both local and foreign, for Volume 31(2), 2015. The Editorial Board would like to welcome contributions for Volume 32(1), 2016 according to the following deadlines: Submission of journal article: 30th November 2015; Online publication: 30th June 2016.