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Volume 22, 2006


Gender-biasness of Challenges Designed and Television Portrayal of Gender in Explorace 2: A Feminist Approach to Stereotypes and Patriarchal Ideology
Author: Aina Rahizan Mat Jamial
| Full Text PDF (2.83MB) |

Mutual Influences of E-governanance and Journalism
Author: I. Arul Aram
| Full Text PDF (2.78MB) |

The Internet as a Diverse Communicative Sphere? A Comparitive Analysis of Activist Websites in the United Stated and New Zealand
Author: Linda Jean Kenix
| Full Text PDF (4.53MB) |

Visual Images in Advertisements: An Alternative Language
Author: Mus Chairil Samani
| Full Text PDF (1.91MB) |

Kee’s World: Reflections of Evolving Identity
Author: Muhammed Shahriar Haque
| Full Text PDF (7.13MB) |

“Waves of Destruction”: A Portrayal of a Natural Disaster by the Mass Media
Authors: Lean Mei Li & Usha Devi Rajaratnam
| Full Text PDF (4.02MB) |

Ways of Seeing Malaysian Women: Sketches of Women in Magazines in the Global Age
Author: Wang Lay Kim
| Full Text PDF (3.66MB) |

ICT Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion: An exploratory Analysis on Usage Patterns for Economic Productivity
Author: Mohd Nizam Osman
| Full Text PDF (3.91MB) |


The Future of the Newspaper Industry in Malaysia in the Era of Global Media and Global Culture
Author: Mohamed Hashim bin Ahmad Makaruddin
| Full Text PDF (1.53MB) |

Learning to Communicate Peacefully
Author: Frank Morgan
| Full Text PDF (1.14MB) |



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