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Notes from the Editors

Greetings from the editorial board of JQMA.

With effect from 1st January 2016, there will be no charges to author(s) for publishing in JQMA until further notice. All published papers will be available online. And, from July 2018 onwards, JQMA is published only in digital e-version.

Thanks for all the support to JQMA. Happy reading and writing from us.

Bangi, 2018

Firstly our gratitude to the Almighty, and our thanks to all those who have contributed and supported in making this first issue of the Journal of Quality Measurement and Analysis (JQMA), a bilingual journal, a success. It is our hope that JQMA will provide an additional platform that combines all publications that are related to mathematical sciences in general, and particularly those related to measurement such as measurement on service quality, management, optimisation, computational, simulation and efficiency, which is clearly covered under its first name of ‘Quality Measurement’. The general aspects of mathematical sciences are covered in its second name, ‘Analysis’, which covers theoretical mathematical sciences like mathematics and statistics (pure and applied), actuarial science, and the analysis and development of new techniques or proofs. Priority will be given to articles that are at the frontiers of research and in the main scope of the journal, and those that are believed to be of interest to a wide range of audience and with impact to related researches. Articles received will be refereed and edited to ensure conformance to the scope and the format of the journal as described in the respective sections in this journal.

JQMA is a paid journal where a fixed amount of fee per article will be levied. It is in accordance with the move to encourage more effort in securing research grants among researchers and academician within which publication cost is covered. It is also in line with seminar concept where participants have to pay a fee to publish in the proceedings. The fee is judged to be reasonable as one of our main objectives is to encourage publications among the postgraduate students of mathematical sciences in particular, and those from related disciplines in general. It is not our aim to take profits from this publication.

It is our hope that the benevolent effort and the strong team spirit shown in making this first issue a success will be further strengthened, and JQMA will continue to progress in line with the needs and the relevancy of mathematical sciences to the wider scope. The editor-in-chief and the managing editor would also like to express their heartiest congratulations and gratitude to all editors that have given a lot in terms of support and encouragement, which is a great motivation towards making this effort a success. We would also like to express our many thanks to all parties and individuals who have contributed in terms of ideas and expertise particularly to Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Razak Salleh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Salmi Md. Noorani, Prof. Dr. Shaharir Mohamad Zain, Zarah Harun, Ummul Khair Salma Hj. Din as well as friends and colleagues in the School of Mathematical Sciences and Faculty of Science and Technology that had shown their understanding of our efforts.

Finally we hope JQMA will continue to improve its quality and continuity. Happy reading and writing from us.

Bangi, 2005