Prof. Madya Dr Wan Zuhairi Wan Yaacob

BSc (UKM), MSc, PhD (Cardiff)
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  • Geologi dan geoteknik persekitaran
  • Bahan geo-serap
  • Penilaian tapak persekitaran dan risiko
  • Permodelan air bawah tanah dan pencemaran



  • Physical modeling at high g-force environment using a bench top and mini geotechnical centrifuge.
  • Development of geo-sorbent materials for environmental applications
  • The use of bacteria enzyme & ESA for remediation of oil contaminated ground.



  • STAG3162 Mikrostruktur dan Penafsiran Peta Topografi
  • STAG3322 Isu dan Penilaian Sekitaran
  • STAG3342 Geosekitaran dan Pengaruh Antropogenik
  • STAG1232/1013 Sistem Bumi
  • STAG2073/2092 Teknik Pemetaan Geologi
  • STAG3073 Geologi Sekitaran
  • STAG3974 Latihan Ilmiah I
  • STAG3994 Latihan Ilmiah II




First Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility in Malaysia. This centrifuge was developed to assist geoscientists and engineers in Malaysia to experiment their experimental model in a high g-force environment.

new advanced material of Nano Zero Valent Iron (nZVI) for groundwater treatment was successfully developed at Geology Laboratory in UKM.

Effective Microbe (EM) Enzymatic Study and Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Investigation (Research collaboration with UKM-USM-TNBR)

























Penerbitan Terpilih

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