Pemuliharaan dan Pengurusan Hidupan Liar

Wildlife Conservation and Management research cluster formerly known as the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences in 1982, and is now known as Wildlife Research Group (WRG). Our research focuses on solving the wildlife conflict issue, extinction, conservation, ecology and genetics as well as understanding the ecology of wildlife diseases.

  1. Wildlife conflict management in Peninsular Malaysia
  2. Wildlife genetic conservation (primates, elephants, sun bears, gaur, tapirs, phesants)
  3. Latest estimation techniques of wildlife populations in Taman Negara and Malaysian wildlife reserves
  4. Dietary ecology of birds and mammals using high-throughput sequencing
  5. Ecology of wildlife diseases
  6. Bats bioacoustics in Peninsular Malaysia
  7. Microbiomes of birds and mammals using next-generation sequencing
  8. Detection of variants A1 and A2 in cow's milk