Teknologi Sel & Bioproses

Cell Technology and Bioprocess research cluster at the Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Technology, UKM is a group of researchers applying the latest techniques on cells (mammalian/yeast/fungal/microalga/bacteria) to use in bioprocessing technology for biotechnology development.

Current research

  1. Elucidating The Rate-Limiting Enzyme In The Lipid Biosynthesis Of An Oleaginous Yeast Yarrowia Lipolytica
  2. Heterologous Expression And Utilization Of Novel Lichen Halogenase As Biocatalyst For Production Of New Halogenated Metabolites
  3. Elucidation Of The Dynamics Of Lipogenic Metabolon Formation In Cunninghamella Bainieri 2a1 And Prediction Of Its Structural Organisation
  4. Glaciozyma Antarctica: Unlocking The Secrets Of Secondary Metabolites Involved In Cold Adaptation
  1. Bioaugmentation Of Anaerobic Sludge Digestion With Rapid Fatty Acid-Utilising Microbial Consortium To Increase Glycerine Waste Utilisation And Methane Generation
  2. Integrated Microalgae-Membrane Bioreactor For Water Reclamation And Biomass Feedstock For Cellulose
  3. Characterization Of Physicochemical Parameters Influencing Pollutant Removal In Municipal Wastewater And Carbohydrate Accumulation In Locally Isolated Microalgae
  4. Effect Of Submergence And Drought On Soil Microbial Communities In Two Farming Environments
  5. Revealing The Diversity Of Mycorrhizas Associates With Pteridophyte
  1. Production Of Crispr-Associated Nuclease (Cas)-Specific Aptamer For Precise Genome Editing
  2. Graphene-Based Immobilization Of Crispr Associated Nuclease (Cas) For Facile And Label-Free Gene Detection
  3. Anti-Virus Properties Of Synthetic Antibody Against Nodavirus Infection In Giant Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium Rosenbergii
  4. Synthetic Antibody As Prophylactic Approach Against Early Mortality Syndrome In Shrimp
  1. Prototype For Root Resorption Of Tooth Structure
  2. Oral Protein Biomarkers Quantification For Dental Application
  3. Epitop Karbohidrat Pada Dentine Sialofosfoprotein (Dspp) Sebagai Penanda Biologi Untuk Menentukan Keterukan Penyerapan Akar Gigi