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Department of Chemical Sciences

Chemical Technology Program

Professor ChM. Dr. Ishak Bin Ahmad

  • 03-8921 4183

Education: B.Sc. (UKM), Ph.D. (UMIST)

Expertise: Polymer blends and composites, Biodegradable polymer composites, Recycling of PET, Nanocellulose and nanocomposite materials, Processing and characterization of heterogeneous polymer systems

UKM Sarjana

Professor Dr. Rusli Bin Daik

  • 03-8921 5412

Education: B.Sc. (UKM), Ph.D. (Durham)

Expertise: Polymer synthesis

UKM Sarjana

Profesor Dr. Azizan Bin Ahmad

Education: B.Sc. (UKM), M.Sc. (UPM), Ph.D. (UKM)

Expertise: Characterization and modification of polymer, Polymer blend, Polymer composite, Polymer electrolyte

UKM Sarjana

Associate Professor Ts. ChM. Dr. Rizafizah Othaman

  • 03-8921 5442

Education: B.Eng. (Tokyo Tech Japan), M.Sc. (UKM), D.Eng. (Tokyo Tech Japan)

Expertise: Membrane filtration, Green adsorbent, Wastewater treatment, CO2 capture, Thermal treatment, Cellulose extraction and modification, STEM education and science literation

UKM Sarjana

Dr. Farah Hannan Binti Anuar

Education: B.Sc. (UTM), Ph.D. (UCDublin)

Expertise: Polymer synthesis, Poly(lactic acid) copolymers, Biodegradable polymer, Polymer electrolyte, Polymer in cosmetics

UKM Sarjana

Associate Professor Dr. Sharina Binti Abu Hanifah

Education: B.Sc., Ph.D. (UKM)

Expertise: Functionalized polymer, UV curable polymer, Chemical sensor and bionsensor, Electroanalysis

UKM Sarjana

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Suzeren Bin Md. Jamil

  • 03-8921 5446

Education: B.Sc. (UKM), M.Sc. (UKM), Ph.D. (Sheffield)

Expertise: Polymer blend, Polymer composited, Smart polymer, Self-healing polymer, Hydrogel

UKM Sarjana

Dr. Azizah Binti Baharum @ Abdul Aziz

Education: B.Sc. (UKM), M.Sc.(UKM), Dr. rer. nat. (TU Braunschweig Germany)

Expertise:  Biopolymer and natural rubber blending and mixing, Wood and natural fiber composites, Polymer processing and testing

UKM Sarjana

Dr. Lee Tian Khoon

  • 03-8921 5424

Pendidikan: B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Kimia)-Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Kepakaran: Secondary battery (Li & Na), Nanocomposite polymer electrolyte, DSSC, Synthesis & modification of polymer, Biomaterials

UKM Sarjana