Sains Malaysiana 38(2): 143-147(2009)


DNA Polymorphism of D1S80 Locus in Modern Malay

Sample Population of Sarawak

(DNA Polimorfisma di Lokus DIS80 dalam Sampel Populasi

Melayu Moden Sarawak)


Hairul Azman Roslan, Nur Hafizah Azizan & Rosmawati Saat

Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Resource Science and Technology,

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia

Received:  11 July  2007 / Accepted: 25 June 2008




The molecular genetic marker, minisatellite locus D1S80 (1p35-p36), is a highly polymorphic variable number of tandem repeats (VNTR). Its polymorphic nature allows for phylogenetic studies, forensic analysis, genetic maps construction and paternity testing to be performed. A study of the hypervariable locus D1S80 was conducted to determine the allele frequency and distribution of this locus in modern Malay in Sarawak population. The polymerase chain reaction technique was employed and results were analysed on polyacrylamide gel. A total of seventy-six DNA samples of unrelated Malay individuals in UNIMAS were collected and examined. The VNTR analysis of the D1S80 locus demonstrated the presence of 17 alleles in the Malay population. Allele with the size of 577 bp (27 repeats) was determined to be the most common in the sample population with the frequency of 0.1641, followed by allele with the size of 561 bp (26 repeats) and 529 bp (24 repeats) whose frequency is 0.1172 and 0.1094, respectively. The smallest allele is allele with the size of 465 bp (20 repeats) whereas the largest is allele with the size of 753 bp (38 repeats). The sample population exhibited 57.8% heterozygosity.


Keywords: D1S80 locus; modern Malay population; polymorphism; population genetic; Variable number of tandem repeats(VNTR)





Penanda genetik molekul, lokus minisatelit D1S80 (1p35-p36), adalah lokus “VNTR” yang tinggi kepelbagaian rupa bentuknya. Sifat kepelbagaian bentuk ini membolehkan kajian filogenetik, analisis forensik, peta genetik dan kajian penentuan ibu bapa dijalankan. Satu kajian dalam lokus D1S80 telah dijalankan untuk menentukan frekuensi dan distribusi lokus ini populasi Melayu moden di Sarawak. Kajian telah menggunakan teknik amplifikasi rantai polimeras (PCR) dan elektroporesis gel menggunakan media poliakrilamid. Sejumlah 76 sampel DNA dari individu Melayu dalam populasi UNIMAS yang tiada hubungan saudara telah di ambil dan dikaji. Keputusan menunjukkan 17 alel diperoleh dari populasi ini. Alel bersaiz 577 bp (27 ulangan) ialah alel yang biasa dijumpai dengan frekuensi 0.1641 dan diikuti dengan alel bersaiz 561 bp (26 ulangan) and 529 bp (24 ulangan) dengan frekuensi masing-masing 0.1172 dan 0.1094. Alel terkecil yang dijumpai ialah alel bersaiz 465 bp (20 ulangan) manakala alel yang terbesar ialah alel bersaiz 753 bp (38 ulangan). Populasi ini menunjukkan 56.9% individu heterozigot.


Kata kunci: Genetik populasi; kepelbagaian rupa bentuk; Lokus D1S80; populasi Melayu moden; VNTR





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