Sains Malaysiana 45(10)(2016): 14611468


Biodiesel from Thevetia peruviana Seed Oil with Dimethyl Carbonate Using as an Active Catalyst Potassium-Methoxide

(Biodiesel daripada Minyak Biji Thevetia peruviana dengan Dimetil Karbonat Digunakan sebagai Pemangkin Aktif Kalium-Metoksid)




1Department of Biochemistry, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431004, India


2Nurture Earth Research and Development Pvt. Ltd., MIT, Beed Bypass Road, Aurangabad 431028, India


Received: 20 May 2015/Accepted: 18 February 2016



The transesterification of Thevetia peruviana seed oil with dimethyl carbonate (DMC) for preparing biodiesel has been studied using as an active catalyst potassium-methoxide (KOCH3). The effects of reaction conditions: Molar ratio of dimethyl carbonate to Thevetia peruviana seed oil, catalyst concentration, reaction time and agitation speed on dimethyl esters (DMC-Tp-BioDs) yield were investigated. The highest DMC-Tp-BioDs yield could reach 97.1% at refluxing temperature for 90 min with molar ratio of DMC-to-oil 5:1 and 2.0% w/w KOCH3 (based on oil weight). The fuel properties of the produced DMC-Tp-BioDs were compared with the ASTM D6751-02 biodiesel standard.


Keywords: Biodiesel; dimethyl carbonate; oil extraction; optimization conditions; potassium methoxide; Thevetia peruviana seed oil



Pengesteran trans daripada minyak biji Thevetia peruviana dengan dimetil karbonat (DMC) untuk menyediakan biodiesel telah dikaji digunakan sebagai suatu pemangkin aktif kalium-metoksid (KOCH3). Kesan tindak balas keadaan: hasil nisbah molar dimetil karbonat minyak biji Thevetia peruviana, pemangkin kepekatan, masa reaksi dan kelajuan pergerakan dimetil ester (DMC-Tp-BioDs) dikaji. Kadar hasil tertinggi DMC-Tp-BioDs boleh mencapai 97.1% pada perefluksan suhu untuk 90 min dengan nisbah molar DMC-kepada-minyak 5:1 dan 2.0% w/w KOCH3 (berdasarkan berat minyak). Sifat bahan api yang dihasilkan DMC-Tp-BioDs dibandingkan dengan piawaian ASTM D6751-02 biodiesel.


Kata kunci: Biodiesel; kalium metoksid; karbonat dimetil; keadaan pengoptimuman; minyak biji Thevetia peruviana; pengekstrakan minyak



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