Sains Malaysiana 46(9)(2017): 15811586


A New Cyclopentylidene and Other Chemical Constituents from Malaysian Crotalaria pallida

(Siklopentilidena Baru dan Juzuk Kimia Lain daripada Crotalaria pallida Malaysia)




Department of Chemistry, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory



Diserahkan: 9 Januari 2017/Diterima: 18 Mac 2017



Crotalaria pallida Aiton is an herbaceous legume from the family Fabaceae. In the present study, one new cyclopentyliene, crotolidene (1) and seven known compounds, i.e. hydroxydihydrobovolide (2), octacosane (3), trans-phytyl palmitate (4), linoleic acid (5), methyl oleate (6), ethyl palmitate (7), and palmitic acid (8) were isolated from the C. pallida collected from Perak, Malaysia. These compounds were isolated and characterized using extensive chromatographic and spectroscopic methods.


Keywords: Crotalaria pallida; crotolidene; cyclopentylidene; spectroscopic analysis; (3E,5Z)-5-(4-hydroxy-2,2-dimethylcyclopentylidene)hex-3-en-2-one


Crotalaria pallida Aiton merupakan legum herba daripada famili Fabaceae. Satu siklopentilidena baru, crotolidine (1) dan tujuh sebatian lain, iaitu hidroksidihidrobovolide (2), octacosana (3), trans-phytil palmitat (4), asid linoleik (5), metil oleat (6), etil palmitat (7) dan asid palmitik (8) telah diasingkan daripada C. pallida dari Perak, Malaysia. Sebatian ini diasing dan dicirikan menggunakan kaedah kromatografi dan spektroskopi.

Kata kunci: Analisis spektroskopi; Crotalaria pallida; crotolidene; siklopentilidena; (3E,5Z)-5-(4-hidroksi-2,2-dimetilsiklopentilidene)heks-3-en-2-on



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