Coursework (Postgraduate)

Coursework Masters Programmes 

In each semester, students will be awarded grade as assessments. The standard of academic achievement and condition to continue studies are as follows:

Grade Point Average Achievement Status Eligibility to Continue Studies
CGPA ≥ 3.00 Pass Qualified
2.00 ≤ CGPA ≤ 3.00 Conditional Pass Probation
CGPA < 2.00 Failed and Dismissed Not Qualified

Students shall achieve a CGPA of 3.00 in each semester and pass all courses as prescribed by the program. Students who received grade of C- and below are required to repeat the courses.

A student who does not improve his performance to at least a CGPA of 3.00 in his semester in which he had been given the “Conditional Pass” status, shall be dismissed from his study programme. A student will not be given a “Conditional Pass” status for two consecutive semesters throughout his study.

Research Mode

Student assessments under research mode are through candidate progress report, evaluation of presentation of research proposals, evaluation of monitoring seminars and oral examinations.

The candidate progress report needs to be submitted by the supervisor at the end of each semester. A student may be given a “Failed and Dismissed due to Academic Performance” status if the candidate obtains a progress report as follows:

  • a total of four (4) “with Reminder” throughout the period of study; or
  • a total of two (2) “with Warning” throughout the period of study; or
  • a combination of two (2) “with Reminder” and one (1) “with Warning” throughout the period of study; or
  • a “Failed and Dismissed” in any semester.

Students need to produce a thesis that will be assessed by the External Examiner and Internal Examiner. The student then needs to present and defend the thesis before the Oral Examination Committee.