• Employability
    Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment (FKAB) graduates' employment rates for 2016: Source: Deputy Dean (Undergraduates & Alumni)
  • FKAB di Paparan Berita
      Harian Metro, 8 Julai, 2018 Keluarga Tercerdik Sinar Harian, 5 Januari, 2018 'Trend' Sabun Cetak Harian Metro, Disember, 2017 UKM Latih Siswazah Budayakan Kitar Semula New Straits Times, 27 September, 2017 'Profesor ke Desa' inculcates interest in science, technology New Straits Times, 30 Ogos, 2017 Marrying technological advances and volunteerism New Straits Times, 23 Ogos, 2017 'Tech-ing' teaching and learning further Bernama WebTV, 28 Julai, 2017 Engendering Creativity and Innovation: the Crystal Utusan Malaysia, 20 Julai, 2017 Penyelidik UKM cipta antena penampal satelit Berita Harian, 20 Julai, 2017 Penyelidik UKM reka antena penampal satelit terkecil Berita Harian, 28 Jun, 2017 Cabaran umat Islam di Jerman Berita Harian, 18 Jun, 2017 InnoQibla penyelesai polemik aplikasi kiblat The Malay Mail Online, 27 Februari, 2017 Why some of Malaysia's 'brains' come home   The Star, 9 Disember, 2016 Merdeka Awards honours four New Straits Times, 8 Disember, 2016 2016 Merdeka Award honours 4 M'sians, including RM500,000 cash award  
  • Why Study at Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment UKM?
      The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, UKM, vision is to be a centre of excellence for the development of engineering and architecture knowledge at international level, leading the development of a civilisation, towards producing dynamic, creative and ethical engineers and architects. Why study in FKAB UKM? Four of our programs are ranked top 100 in the world under the QS World University Ranking 2017 We provide plenty of opportunities for students to explore their strengths and interests through various activities on and off-campus We have more than 90% lecturers with PhD from various countries all over the world Our programs are all accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia which is recognised under the Washington Accord All programs maintain strong links with industry through direct and indirect participation in the curriculum We offer dual-degree programs with University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) in Germany where students can spend the final year in UDE to obtain both UKM degree and UDE degree Our faculty was recently ranked in the top 100 QS World University Rankings 2017 by subject, while staying competitive with its peer institutions.      
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  • Penyelidikan @ FKAB
        ZERO WASTE PALM OIL PROCESSING The Zero waste palm oil processing, an endowed researched program, was launched on the 23rd of September 2011 by the then deputy Prime Minister. Also present during the launching of the research program were the Minister of Higher Education and the Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister. The mission of the research program is to turn palm oil mills into green, carbon-neutral factories with zero emission and discharge, ensuring the productivity and sustainability of the palm oil industry. The resulting effect of zero waste will enable both an increase in the revenue for the industry, as well as securing a brighter and greener future for the environment. FINANCIAL & HUMAN RESOURCES The zero waste research program received more than RM 21 million funding from Sime Darby in the form of endowment, research grant and scholarships. The manpower for the research program involves UKM researchers, Sime Darby Engineers and postgraduate students. The UKM-YSD chair on sustainable development: zero waste technology is an ideal model for a successful universityprivate partnership. The direct involvement of a stakeholder (Sime Darby) in the research program ensures that the research work that is conducted is relevant and addresses the needs of the industry. (baca artikel penuh: INNOVATE Vol.9.2016)   Senarai Buletin Penyelidikan: INNOVATE Vol.1-9  
  • Postgraduate Studies at FKAB


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