Research and Supervision (Postgraduate)

All students under research mode are required to attend and pass the KKKF6003 Research Methodology course for graduation. Students are required to register the course by the end of the first year of their study. The purpose of the course is to provide new postgraduate students with basic skills in academic research and writing. Students are required to present their research proposals at the end of the semester.

Students who fail to fulfill the course requirements will obtain an “E” Grade for the course and required to repeat the course.

An effective monitoring process is essential to ensure students can complete their studies within the stipulated time and in compliance with all the conditions specified. Student progress can be monitored through several methods as follows:

(a) Preparation of Candidates Progress Report

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Graduate Studies) Regulations 2015 stipulate that a Main Supervisor or the Chair of the Supervisory Committee should produce a report on candidate’s progress to the Secretariat/Graduate Studies Committee every semester throughout the period of study.

(b) Supervisor-Student Meeting

Supervisor-student meetings should be conducted as follows:

  • at least four (4) times a month or as designated by the Graduate Studies Committee;
  • at least four (4) times per semester for part-time students;
  • at least once (1) per semester with the Supervisory Committee for the students who are supervised by a Supervisory Committee
  • at least once (1) per semester for students in the Industrial Doctoral route.

(c) Research Proposal Presentation Seminar

The seminar is organized at the end of the Research Methodology (KKKF6003) course where students who registered for the course are requested to present their research proposal. Two (2) evaluators in the related field will be appointed to assess students’ research proposal.

(d) Postgraduate Progress Presentation and Monitoring Seminar

The seminar is organized in each semester for students to present their research progress. Presentation will be conducted by Master students who are in their third semester of study and PhD students in their third and fifth semesters of study. Two (2) evaluators in the related field will be appointed to assess the students’ research progress.

(d) Research Final Presentation

The research final presentation should be made prior to submission of thesis/dissertation for examination. The final presentation must be approved by a supervisor.

(e) Usage of Log Book

Log book can be used to document student progress. The log book needs to be constantly updated with notes about matters discussed during the supervisor-student meeting. The information in this book can be used as a reference for supervisors to prepare the Candidate Progress Report. Faculty should provide every student with the log book. Both supervisor and student must sign the log book during each meeting.

All students shall write their thesis in Bahasa Melayu

Students may apply to write thesis / dissertation in English with the approval of the Dean. Application must be made in writing at the latest in the second semester (2) for Master candidates for the Master program and fourth semester (4) for candidates for the PhD program

Thesis writing must follow the UKM Thesis Writing Guidelines according to GAYA UKM. Templates can be downloaded from the Graduate Centre website through the following link:

Maximum threshold for Master’s thesis should not exceed 60,000 words while thesis of doctorate program should not exceed 100,000 words.

Each student has to fulfil the publication requirements of the Faculty for graduation as follows:


Proof of publication

Attach the confirmation of publication from Scopus website ( for papers already published or a confirmation letter of acceptance for publication in press.


Graduate on Time or GOT is a recognition given to PhD students who graduated within 7 semesters of 42 weeks from the date of registration.

Seven (7) semesters or 42 months are counted from the date of registration until the date of graduation approved by the Senate. For candidates who convert from Master to PhD, the study period is calculated from the From the Master’s date of registration and not after the conversion.