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Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA)

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03/06/2019Params, Dates, and LemangBFM89.9 (Evening Edition)Aidilfitri, raya celebration, Eid, Pasar Ramadhan, superdiversity, Shamsul Amri Baharuddin
04/05/2019Authentic Food?BFM89.9 (Breaking Bread)authentic food, culture, Eric Olmedo
02/05/2019Forgotten Recipes and Ingredients: Culinary Consciousness and CreativityBFM89.9 (I Love KL)food, recipes, ingredients, culinary consciousness, Eric Olmedo
14/11/2018Recommendations for National UnityBFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
national unity, Denison Jayasooria
30/08/2018Lagu-lagu Negara KitaBFM89.9 (Evening Edition)Merdeka, Malaysia Day, Merdeka songs, patriotism, Shazlin Amir Hamzah, Adil Johan
09/08/2018Cosmopolitan IntimaciesBFM89.9
(Night School)
Ethnomusicology, P. Ramlee, music of Malay films, Adil Johan
21/06/2018Urban and AsliBFM89.9
(Night School)
Orang Asli, rural-urban divide, Govindran Jegatesen
07/06/2018Begin with Ah BengBFM89.9
(Night School)
Chinese youth, subculture, Ah Beng, Rachel Chan Suet Kay
31/05/2018How Should a Nation Sound?BFM89.9
(Night School)
Patriotic songs, nation branding, Shazlin Amir Hamzah
16/05/2018Institutional ReformsBFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
Committee of Institutional Reforms, GE14, Denison Jayasooria
15/05/2017Malaysia Indian BlueprintBFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
Malaysia Indian Blueprint, Denison Jayasooria
08/05/2017Challenges in Malaysian University ResearchBFM89.9
(Evening Edition)
University Research, universities, Malaysia, Adil Johan, Adeeba Kamarulzaman
01/12/2016A Sociology of GrungeBFM89.9
(Night School)
grunge, 90s, culture, heritage, Adil Johan, Syerleena Rashid, Ahmad Fuad Rahmat
03/11/2016Cosmopolitan SoundscapesBFM89.9
(Night School)
ethnomusicology, music, film, Golden Age of Malay cinema, Adil Johan
26/10/2015People-Centric Budget 2016BFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
2016 Budget, Denison Jayasooria
08/06/2015Civil Society Organizations and Inclusive GrowthBFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
civil society organizations, Anis Yusal Yusoff
05/02/2015UNDP Report: Informal SectorBFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
UNDP Report, Denison Jayasooria
30/10/2014Sodomy II - If Anwar Is JailedBFM89.9
(Current Affairs)
Anwar Ibrahim, Sodomy 2, politics, Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, Wong Chin Huat, Wan Saiful Wan Jan
28/10/2013Budget 2014's InclusivenessBFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
2014 Budget, Denison Jayasooria
10/04/2013How Party Manifestos Impact Urban Well-being and the EconomyBFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
party manifestos, urban well-being, politics, Denison Jayasooria
04/06/2012V for Voting Part 1: New Political DiscoursesBFM89.9
(V for Voting)
new political discourse, Rizal Hamdan, Soon Chuan Yeon, Kartini Aboo Talib @ Khalid
10/03/2012Wealth Distribution in MalaysiaBFM89.9
(Live & Learn)
wealth distribution, Malaysia, Denison Jayasooria

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