KITA Discourse Series 11/2018, 8 November 2018

On 8 November 2018 (Thursday), KITA Discourse Series No. 11/2018 was held with the following particulars:

Title: The Story of Kam Agong: Screening and Dialogue
Speaker: Agnes Padan (Film Producer) and Lawrence Jayaraj (Film Director)
Venue: KITA Meeting Room

Synopsis: This documentary showcases the trials and tribulations of a family from a poor village that lead to the loss of a loved one because of healthcare neglect. Agnes Padan takes a long journey back to her Lun Bawang village in Long Semadoh, in the interior of Sarawak to piece together what happened to her mother, Kam Agong, who died sixteen years ago (2002) shortly after she gave birth to her eighth son, Jordan. Agnes’ journey reveals a story of severe medical negligence that led to Kam Agong’s eventual painful death. Through The Story of Kam Agong, we get a glimpse of the state of maternity healthcare available to villagers living in rural areas of Sarawak. The Story of Kam Agong premiered at the Freedom Film Festival on 29 September 2018 at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Presenters’ Profiles: Agnes Padan (film producer) is Kam Agong’s eldest daughter who campaigned for justice for her mother’s death and for healthcare in Lawas Sarawak. Agnes Padan took care of her siblings and educated them. Lawrence Jayaraj (film director) is Agnes’ husband and Kam Agong’s son-in-law. He is an activist and sued the Hospital and the Government on behalf of Kam Agong’s family.