Workshop on Developing Impact Assessment Indicators for Loving Your Neighbourhood Program, 4 December 2017

KITA-UKM hosted a workshop on developing indicators to measure effective neighbourhood-based solutions to neighbourhood issues identified. The workshop was organised by KITA Principal Fellow Datuk Dr. Denison Jayasooria and the Department of National Unity & Integration (JPNIN) and was held on Monday December 4, 2017 at the Puri Pujangga Hotel, UKM Bangi.

About 25 JPNIN officers and KRT local leaders from five neighbourhoods shortlisted from the 25 neighbourhoods undertook in the field study, participated in this workshop. It was a very fruitful time on reviewing the indicators and using the benchmark of problem-solving and the overall well-being of people living in high-rise flats.

A paper is being prepared by the KITA-UKM team which will be discussed at the National Social Council in early 2018 on the effectiveness of neighbourhood-based community programs.