Safety regarding pesticides as welt as herbicides and insecticides is of utmost concern as they can not only affect human health, but also the environment. At Makmal Bioserasi we offer testing based on the OECD Test Guideline.

Cytotoxicity Test
  • MTT Assay.

Irritation Test
  • Acute Dermal
  • Irritation/Corrosion Test.
  • Eye Irritation Study.
Skin Sensitization Tests
  • Buehler Sensitization Method.
  • Guinea Pig Maximisation Test (Magnusson-Kligman).
Systemic Toxicity Tests
  • Acute Oral Toxicity Study.
  • Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study.
  • Acute Dermal Toxicity Study.
Genotoxicity Testing
  • Bacterial Reverse Mutation (AMES) Test.
  • In vitro Micronucleus Test.