Pusat Inovasi Teknologi Manisan (MANIS)

 Faculty of Science and Technology


Pusat Inovasi Teknologi Manis or Innovation center for Confectionary Technology (MANIS) was formally established in November 2010, where its members are researchers from the Food Science Programme, Faculty of Science and Technology, UKM.

The main focus during its inception was towards the production of confectionery products, especially chocolate products, which led to the establishment of chocolate processing laboratories.

Today, “FST Chocolate” is a product that is well received by UKM staffs, students and visitors.

The passage of time has led to the development of field of focus, with the focus of MANIS currently being on commercialization of Food Science and FST research products, industry collaboration for the purpose of innovative food product development and problem solving for food industry, international research network, consulting services and training and courses in food science and nutrition.