Malaysian Biology Olympiad: Introduction


cropped-mbo-header1.pngMalaysian Biology Olympiad (MBO) is a Biology competition for students from secondary school to pre-university. The competition is held every year in three series beginning from March until May. The MBO tests on Biology problem and experiment and the official language of MBO is English.



The Objectives of MBO are:

  • to stimulate active interest in biological studies by the creative solution of biological problems
  • to promote exchange of ideas and materials about biology education
  • to promote regular contacts between students with interest in biology
  • to establish friendly relations among young people from different states and thus to stimulate cooperation and understanding between students from different states.

MBO will be conducted in a number of series. First screening test will be conducted online and it can be access nationwide. Top 100 students nationwide will be selected to participate in the first workshop at Pusat PERMATApintar Negara, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.This will be followed by the second secreening during the workshop. At the end of the five days’ workshop, students will be given an off level biology test. Best 60 candidates will be selected for second workshop. From there, the final number of students to be selected will be six and four will be selected to represent the country in International Biology Olympiad of the year.

International Biology Olympiad 2015, Denmark

International Biology Olympiad 2016, Hanoi