Centre for Research in Media & Communication

 Excellence Via Communication

Undergraduate Studies


We envision to produce media practitioners and leaders as well as media thinkers and researchers who are professional, innovative, dynamic, critical, responsible and ethical in creating mass media product and generating innovations and ideas so as to help realize Malaysia’s aspiration to become a media and communication hub in the Asian region.

Why You Should Choose this programme:

We are the first and only undergraduate programme in Malaysia:

  • Offering a fusion of journalism, broadcasting, film studies and media literacy
  • Providing training that recognises the convergence of the above fields in the industry
  • Blending aspects of management, production and content treatment of the media industry
  • Emphasising theories, research, literacy, practice and professionalism in the curriculum

Learning Modes

  • Lecture-tutorial-group discussion
  • Problem-based learning
  • Production of media content
  • Research
  • Interaction with media professionals
  • Industry tours
  • Practical training
  • Industry internship
  • Management and production of Nadi Bangi (student lab newspaper) and Radio Midas (student lab web radio)