The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences Vol 12 No 2 (2008): 468 472





Cone-shaped membrane liquid phase microextraction


Hong Heng See*, M. Marsin Sanagi, W. A. W. Ibrahim, A. A. Naim


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,

81310 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia


*Corresponding author:



A novel sample pre-treatment technique termed cone-shaped membrane liquid phase microextraction (CSM-LPME) was developed and combined with micro-liquid chromatography (micro-LC) for the determination of selected pesticides in water samples. Several important extraction parameters such as types of extraction solvent, agitation rate, pH value, total exposure time and effect of salt and humic acids were investigated and optimized. Enrichment factors of >50 folds were easily achieved within 20 min of extraction. The new developed method demonstrated an excellent performance in terms of speed, cost effectiveness, reproducibility, as well as exceptional low detection limits. Current work provides a great interest to further investigate on the applicability of the CSM-LPME technique in analytical chemistry and explores the possibility of replacing conventional extraction techniques such as soxhlet, solid phase extraction (SPE) and solid phase microextraction (SPME).



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