It is with great pleasure for the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in collaboration with, the Chung Ang University (CAU), the Perunding Zaaba Pty. Ltd. (JPZ), Transportation Science Society of Malaysia (TSSM) and Muslim Water Researchers Cooperation (MUWAREC) to present the 3rd International Technical Conference, ITC 2012, to further bridge as well as nurture the understanding and collaboration amongst the regional and global engineering/science scientists and practitioners. More Information : Click Here

MUWAREC provides a unique platform for Muslim water specialists from various countries to exchange ideas and initiate cooperation in water related issues. It is held to promote research cooperation and development activities among the muslim water specialists for the benefit of water resource development and management in Muslim countries. The organisation has a loose structure with the unification being in the collaboration of activities  rather than in administration.

The idea of having such cooperation was sparked by Prof Rakmi Abdul Rahman (Malaysia), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Bhanger (Pakistan), Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ersoz (Turkey) and Dr. Awadh O. AlSuhaimi (Saudi Arabia) after a thoughtful discussion in 2007.

Water resource and quality specialists come from various muslim countries among which are Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Indonesia etc.


The earth, the sky and the environment are all precious gifts from Allah the Almighty. Our responsibility is to prosper the world as much as we can.
Surah Al-Mu’minin: verses 18-19: 
And We send down water from the sky according to due measure, and We cause it to soak into the soil; and We certainly are able to drain it off with ease. With it We grow for you garden of date palms and vines; in them you have abundant fruits, and of them you eat and have enjoyment.

It has been reported that by the year 2025, Islamic countries will suffer a water shortage. In fact, the present water situation in most of them is already critical. Therefore, Islamic countries have to intensify efforts and conduct further research and consultation, with a view of devising mechanisms liable to achieve the water security of these countries, by working out a strategy which takes into account all legal, economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects.

Our cooperation is working towards;

  • To foster closer research cooperation between Muslim water researchers in various countries.
  • Establishing collaborative research projects between Muslim water researchers
  • To foster exchange of staff and students between universities and research institutions among Muslim countries
  • To foster greater participation of Muslim water specialists in water resource developments especially in economically and water resource challenged Muslim countries