Research Project 2019

NoProject TitleProject LeaderDonorType of Research*Duration
1Developing Soft Skills for Employability Dr. Lubna Alam Daffodil International University, Bangladesh Collaborative research project01/01/2019-

2Development of Rapid and In-Situ Mycotoxin Detection Kit Dr. Tan Ling Ling Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Research Project01/01/2019-31/12/2021
3Constructed Wetland and Floating Treatment Wetland as Secondary Treatment for Palm Oil Mill (POME) Prof. Madya Dr. Lee Khai Ern G&P Water and Maritime Sdn. Bhd. Collaborative research project01/04/2019-

4Synthesis of The Malaysia-UNESCO Cooperation Program Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazlin Mokhtar UNESCO Jakarta Collaborative research project09/05/2019-

5The Role of Civil Servants in International Development Cooperation Dr. Lubna Alam Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh Collaborative research project01/08/2019-

6Silaffin Tag Fusion Aflatoxin Oxidase to Protein Coupling via Affinity Mechanisms at Hollow Nanosilica Electrode for Electrochemical Biosensing of Aflatoxin B1 in Food and Feedstuffs based on Direct Electron Transfer of Proteins Dr. Tan Ling Ling Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia Research Project01/09/2019- 31/08/2022
7Embracing SDGs for Wholesome Well-being: Experiential Enhancement via Langkawi Geopark and Kuala Lumpur Mega Urban Region in Malaysia Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazlin Mokhtar UKMResearch Project03/06/2019-

8Mechanisms and Dynamics of Artificial Wetland Carbon-Water Nexus for Carbon Storage and Water Conservation Prof. Madya Dr. Lee Khai Ern Kementerian Pendidikan MalaysiaResearch Project01/09/2019-

9States of the Environment in Malaysia Prof. Madya Dr. Goh Choo Ta MESTECCResearch Project01/09/2019-


*Type of research

1) Research project:

Projects awarded by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) or Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

2) Collaborative research project:

Project awarded by agencies other than UKM, MOHE and MOSTI, can be local or international donors

3) Consultancy project:

Consultancy projects, can be local or international, e.g. consultancy projects at UKM Pakarunding (UKMP)