Workshop for Minamata Convention Initial Assessment (MIA)

On 20th to 23rd March 2019, a workshop was conducted in finalizing the study on Minamata Convention Initial Assessment (MIA) in Melaka. This workshop was co-chaired by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazlin Mokhtar (project advisor) and Mr. Jaya Singam Rajoo (Under Secretary, Environmetal Management and Climate Change, MESTECC). The workshop was attended by representative from various governmental agencies in discussing the findings of the MIA study. The MIA study is a project awarded by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and supervise by the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC). The two-year project aimed to study the situation of mercury management in the country and to prepare the country for ratification of Minamata Convention on Mercury. This study was led by Prof. Madya Dr. Goh Choo Ta (project leader) and Mr. Mahathir Amir (project manager) under the advisory of Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazlin Mokhtar. The project team also includes Dr. Lee Jing (LESTARI) and Dr. Loh Kee Shyuan (SELFUEL).


Report by Mahathir Amir.