Dr Emma and Dr Mohd Helmi Among 50 Young Lecturers Graduate on CEO@Faculty 2.0

By Asmahanim Amir
Pictures by Shahiddan Saidi

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 March 2018 – The young lecturer from Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dr Emma Mirza Wati Mohamad and Dr Mohd Helmi Ali from Faculty of Economic and Management have been finishing their training for six months in the industry through the CEO@Faculty Proggrame 2.0.

They are among the 50 lecturers from the Public University who have also completed training with 27 national giant companies.

Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh said CEO@Faculty Proggrame 2.0 comprising young lecturers who have a PhD, dynamic and calibre in carrying out their duties.

“They have been a mentee in giants’ companies for six months and today we look they are very excited with their experience that they gained throughout the industry.

“This programme will give a good experience for them to become an excellent lecturer in the future,” he said after the Ceremony of University-Industry Dialogue with the Honourable Minister of Higher Education, here, recently.

He said the collaboration between university and industry will reinforce relationships for both institutions and it will produce excellent and balanced graduates.

For this program, he said a total of 1,500 young lecturers was applying it, but only 50 was selected.

“Indeed, they are potential and have been given training by the industry. They are the best lectures in university and of course the best lecturer will be placed at the best place,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Emma who, are placed at the CIMB Group under Dato’ Hamidah Naziadin said six months of experience is a valuable experience as she has received guidance from an excellent mentor how to be a good leader.

“At CIMB, I have a chance to follow some programme such as CIMB Mozek, CIMB Young ASEAN Leaders, CIMB Foundation and CIMB Anniversary Dinner and Celebration.

“I learn different ways. Industry world has a different base. How they pitch, how they make a meeting… actually, this is the things that student need to learn, not only students, but lecturers also can emulate because they make decision making faster.   In industry, everything is about money. So, we try to learn to do that to make more efficient in our delivery system,” she explained.

She hopes for the next series more UKM lecturers will be accepted into the program as too much of the benefits gained from the industry.

Dr Mohd Helmi who is placed at PLUS Malaysia Berhad hopes that more young lecturers join the CEO@Faculty Programme because it is a very good programme and basically it gives you a new perspective on what happened in the industry and we also can adapt the impact the knowledge that we have to put the university culture.