Young Generation Are Not Interested with Oil Palm

By Melissa Heidi
Pictures by Ikhwan Hashim

BANGI, 2 June 2017 – Oil palm, which is the country’s leading commodities, is not popular among young people, said  Gold Palm Squad Project Leader, Prof Dr Che Radziah Che Mohd Zain.

She said palm oil is an important commodity after rice that generates revenue for the country, but unfortunately it is not well known by the younger generation.

“We created this programme because we want to instil interest, provide education and awareness and appreciation for the younger generation to see the importance of natural ecosystems,” she said.

She said education of nature are most effective when it is taught since childhood while being integrated with environmentally friendly atmospheres.

Oil palm plantation is actually known as the ‘golden trade’ in Malaysia because the oil palm plantation industry has contributed the second highest in the country after the service sector.

In addition, the palm oil plantation industry has also contributed to the socio-cultural wellbeing as well as public health and also improvements of living standards through income sources in rural areas, government land schemes for small farmers as well as manufactures in the city.