Malay Pantuns Still Very Much In Demand

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By Shahfizal Musa

Pix ShahiddanSaidi

BANGI, 3 April 2012 – ‘Pantun’ which potrays the beauty of the Malay language and the graciousness of the Malays and the ‘Gurindam’ another form of Malay aphorism are still popular and very much in demand.

This was the appraisal made by two proponents of the Malay adage at a discourse organised by Institute of Malay World and Civilisation (ATMA) here today 

Chuari Selamat, a broadcaster with RTM for 38 years and has written over 500 lyrics of songs and well known for his talent to conjure pantuns while on his feet said the pantun is a symbol of the Malay etiquette and culture.

He has organised many ‘pantun’ competitions saying that the ‘pantun’ that can relate to current issues are very popular and questioned the belief that people are losing interest in it.

Chuari said he was still being kept busy getting numerous invitations to host events and ‘pantun’ competitions because of his ability to do the pantuns.

The other panellist Mohd Sidek Adeki Mohd Dollah better known by his pen name Mas Adeki, has written an anthology of ‘gurindam’ based on his life experiences as a former policeman and teacher. 

He said when he first wrote the book nobody wants to publish it, because they thought that there was no market for it.

He eventually had to publish it himself and has to date sold nearly 10,000 copies of the book. There is still demand for the book even now.

Mas Adeki said he uses the ‘gurindam’ poetry in his motivational training to students and teachers. Gurindam can be funny and educational at the same time while advice conveyed through ‘gurindam’ can be very effective while being entertaining.

Present at the discourse was The ATMA Director, Prof Dr Abdul Latif Hj Samian and his Deputy, Prof Dr Teo Kok Seong, ATMA’s Principal Fellow, Ding Choo Ming, students and lecturers.


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