Innovative Working Station Assist Doctors

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By Abdul Ghani Nasir
Pixs by Ahmad Mahyudi Zainoldin

BANGI,  1 Dec. 2011 – Before creating the BRIM Binder used to help stop excessive bleeding of accident victims, Associate Profesor Dr Ismail Mohd Saiboon and three of his colleagues had produced an innovative working station for use in the Emergency Department of a hospital.

Known as Hospital Integrated Resuscitation Panelling System (HIRAPS), it was created by the Head of Department of Emergency Medicine UKM Medical Centre, Cheras together with Prof Dato’ Dr Mohamad Abdul Razak, Assistant Medical Officer, Bala Krishnian a/l Muniandy and the Engineering Manager, Azizi Mustafa.

Dr Ismail who is also the Emergency Consultant Physician and Trauma Surgeon (Orthopaedic) told UKM News Portal that HIRAPS has already been patented. A few hospitals in the country had also ordered the system.

HIRAPS encompasses the arrangement of medical apparatus and medicines for easy access when needed to treat patients in great pain or in critical conditions.

It has already been setup and used in the UKMMC Emergency Department.  It was Dr Ismail’s first innovation before the BRIM Binder.

The idea to have HIRAPS was thought about and set up in 2004. The innovation has since bagged a few awards both at the national and international levels.

HIRAPS is very useful especially when a patient is wheeled into the emergency section.

“In such cases doctors had to work fast and needed to get all the apparatus required quickly. HIRAPS changed the concept in use where the apparatus and medicines needed are usually layed out on horizontal trays to one that is arranged vertically.

“It thus frees the area near the patient’s bed from the various trolleys making for easier movements of doctors and nurses. This helps to avoid mishaps where the victim may accidentally be injured by needles.

“HIRAPS makes the working area more organised and is most useful in small areas,” Dr Ismail said.

He likened it to the building of the vertical condominium instead of the horizontal terrace houses where land is scarce. “That is the concept of HIRAPS”.

He estimated the cost of each HIRAPS, just the working station at about RM55,000.

Another product that is being developed by the group is the hand sanitizer.

Chief Executive Officer of Compleo Technology Sdn Bhd - the UKM Startup Company - Abdul Rahman Hisham who manages the marketing of the products has had discussions with a company to produce the sanitizer.

Its price is still to be fixed as agreement between Compleo and the company has not been finalised.

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