Graduate Students from Malaysia and Indonesia discussed Challenges to Providing Special Education

Monday, 30 January 2012 10:17
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By Radzuan Ghazali
Pix Ahmad Shahiddan Saidi

BANGI, 28 Jan. 2012 – Challenges and problems in providing education to those with special needs were discussed at an International Seminar here today.

The one-day Post Graduate International Seminar on Special Education organised by The National University of Malaysia (UKM) and the Indonesian National Education University (UPI) discussed 121 papers covering 21 sub-themes on the practice and current issues over special education in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The seminar organised by the special education graduate students of the Faculty of Education UKM and the Graduate School of UPI was attended by postgraduates students from both universities held at the Tun Abdullah Mohd Salleh complex in the campus here.

Dean of the Faculty of Education UKM, Prof Dr Lilia Halim said developments and changes in education system had affected schooling of all including those with special needs.

Moves are under way to improve the quality of education throughout the world which includes giving closer attention to the special educational needs of the disabled.

Thus whatever efforts being undertaken to improve the quality and equity of education for all, each national education system also needed to ensure good practices to meet challenges and overcome whatever obstacles in providing education to those with special needs. This was necessary so as to increase the number of the disabled availing themselves to education.

The seminar is to enable participants to share information and their experiences in providing such education while also identifying opportunities and challenges to improve their quality for the benefit of the disabled.

Zaenal in his speech said cooperation between UPI and UKM began with the signing of a Memoradum of Understanding (MoU) between them in 2007.

Such cooperation had not only benefitted the academics and students of the two universities but also in meeting the special education needs of the disabled in the two countries.

He hoped the cooperation would not only be for the benefit of the two universities but can also be extended to other universities in Indonesia.

More than 200 participants including from Universitas Rambong Mangkurat, Universitas Surabaya, Universitas Malang, Universitas Jakarta, Universitas Pasundan and Universitas Islam Nusantara all from Indonesia also took part in the discussions.

Two keynote addresses were given by Dr Djadja Rahardja (UPI) and Dr Norani Mohd Salleh from the Management and Technical University (UMTECH).


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