Some of the trainers from The New York Academy of Sciences having conversation with Prof Noriah

The Nobelist Mindset Programme is one of the programmes under the Global Science and Advisory Council (GSIAC), a Cradle to Career Initiative. Championed by UKM and under the leadership of Prof Dato’ Dr Rahmah Mohamed, the objective of this pilot programme is to expose and train students, teachers, and young scientists in the mindset necessary to become a Nobel Laureate. While Nobel Laureates are a naturally gifted group of scientists, much of what drives their work is a specific mindset with characteristics in three main areas: persistence in the face of skepticism, seeing connections between the ideas that others don’t recognize, and creativity. Although innate talent cannot be learned, many of these skills that help make Laureates successful can be taught in a way that shifts the way scientists think about their work, organize their research, and plan their career to put them in a Nobelist mindset.

UKM in collaboration with The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and with the support of MIGHT organised the first Nobelist Mindset Workshop which was held at Pusat PERMATApintar Negara, UKM Bangi from 27 until 31 January 2013. At least 11 trainers from the New York Academy of Sciences,  80 students and 20 teachers from various schools, and 20 young scientists from mostly local research  universities participated in the workshop. The first workshop was officiated by Y.A.Bhg. Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Patron of PERMATApintar.

For more information, download Nobelist Mindset Programme information pack here