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Qualitative Research in Accounting Malaysian Cases. 2010. Penerbit UKM: Bangi. ISBN 978-967-942-879-7 (kulit lembut). 234 halaman. RM 30.00. Zakiah Muhammaddun Mohamed, Ainun Haji Abdul Majid & Norsiah Ahmad.

Qualitative Research in Accounting gives readers the options to understand other approaches in carrying out accounting research. The adoption of interpretive or critical paradigm offers a wider selection of research approach to researches in accounting, particularly those seeking deeper understanding of an accounting pheonomenon occurs within its proper context, furthermore, qualitative researchers focus on socially contructed reality, the intimate relationship between the researcher and what is being studied as well as the situational constraints that shape the inquiry.

This book presents a collection of accounting issues researched using qualitative methodology in Malaysia. The perpose is to demonstrate the wealth of different methods within the qualitative paradigm that can meet the needs of accounting researchers. Writings in the chapters of the book illustrate the application of the many streams of qualitative methodologies and share with readers the knowledge that could be gained from each study.

ZAKIAH MUHAMMADUN MOHAMED, Ph. D., lecturer at School of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Her research interests are audit reporting, audit of SMEs, internal auditing and corporate governance. AINUN HAJI ABDUL MAJID, senior lecturer at the same faculty. Her research areas are cost management system, performance measurement, accounting change and management accounting practices. NORSIAH AHMAD, Ph. D., Associate Professor at the same faculty. Her areas of specialization include taxation (individual and company compliance behavior, fiscal incentives) and financial accounting.