On 18th December, 2015, 80 students of ASASIpintar UKM under the supervision of Dr. Azizah binti Mohd Zahidi, Head of ASASIpintar programme and Miss Ong Sy Ing visited the Dentistry Faculty of UKM campus, Kuala Lumpur. We were greeted by the amiable officers of the faculty when we reached there around 10am. During the welcoming speech, students were briefed on the history of the dentistry faculty and the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) programme. DDS is a 5 -year course and it offers 11 specializations for those who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies. The UKM dentistry faculty is one of the most renowned institutions in Malaysia.

Next, students were divided into groups and lead by respective officers on a tour of the campus to expose the students to the facilities around the faculty. Students visited the simulation clinic. The main purpose of the clinic is to expose dental students with adequate hands-on practice on clinical procedures needed to perform when becoming dentists so that they could get used to the actual clinical and real patient environment prior entering the clinical years. Students also visited the dental laboratory which was established to allow dental students and also clinicians to construct prosthesis such as crowns, bridges, artificial teeth, complete or partial denture and so on. Another laboratory that students visited was the multi-disciplinary laboratory where it provides necessary facilities for the 1st and 2nd year dental students to conduct their practical sessions. Coupled with this, students also visited the polyclinic which is a special clinic allocated for dental students of the 3rd to 5th year to treat their patients on regular basis. Students were also given the golden opportunity to visit one of the Specialist and General Practitioner Clinics which is the Orthodontic Specialist Clinic. Orthodontic Specialist Clinic is used by orthodontists and orthodontic postgraduate students to provide clinical service to those patients who like to have braces.

After going around the campus, students were given a brief talk by Dr Jefri Mohamat Gani who is one of the postgraduate students in Endodontics. We listened attentively regarding the requirements and syllabus of the course, the skills needed to become a dentist and also the career prospects of this course. Then, the head of DENSTA which is the dental students’ representative council also delivered a presentation on the organization and also the activities that were being carried out and participated by dental students such as World Oral Health Day, research colloquium, Oral Cancer Run and so on.

Before we call it a day, we had a session with ASASIpintar seniors where they shared their experience in their studies. Students also actively asked questions on their interview experiences and dental students’ lives. Then, around 3pm we chartered a bus and went back to our hostel.

Indeed, ASASIpintar office bearers had made a great effort in organizing such a visit to the faculty for students. It was inevitably an invaluable experience and an eye opener for us to have a deeper knowledge on dentistry. It is hoped that more rewarding activities can be carried out for students’ benefits.

sharing session

Sharing session with seniors of ASASIpintar

share seniors

Sharing session with ASASIpintar seniors


Multidisciplinary laboratory which is used for practical sessions for 1st and 2nd year of dental students

talk dr jefri

Talk by Dr Jefri Mohamat Gani on the career as a dentist

mouth surgery

Briefing by the the officer of Mouth Surgery and Macsilofacial Clinic

dental lab

dental lab 2

Dental Laboratory

students observation

Simulation Clinic-Students observed the dental students doing their clinical service at polyclinic


Orthodontic Specialist Clinic

participantss 2

Participants of visit to Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Malaysia (UKM) Kuala Lumpur