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Global Partnership as the National University of Malaysia, we strive towards Global Prominence as we want to be a world class university. Thus, as the International Relations Centre of UKM, we are committed to be a reference point and major driver in UKM’s internationalization efforts toward a world class university and it is our vision to internationalizing the profile, brand and image of UKM as well as enhancing strategic global networks and linkages.

UKM is the university that was built by the people, for the people. Since its inception, UKM is known for being as the Guardian of the Nation ie safeguarding and upholding the sovereignty of Bahasa Melayu. As globalization takes over the world, UKM also jumps and rides the wave of globalization without forsaking the national language. Since late 1990s, UKM started to expand out outreach towards the international partners and have been going strong ever since. All these partners help us to further enhance our Global Prominence in terms of research, mobility and expertise. Together with our partners, we aspire to lead the society of the world to become a learned, dynamic and moral society that contribute to the greatness of the world.

We look forward to establish relationship via bilateral and multilateral agreement, student and staff exchange, research, joint publication dan supervision.