Application of VAL


As of 1st January 2014, all international applicants are required to apply for Visa Approval Letter (VAL) before entering Malaysia for education purpose. The VAL is approved by the Immigration Department Headquarters in Malaysia. After getting the VAL, applicants are required to obtain the Single Entry Visa (SEV) from Malaysian Emabassy / Consulate / Representative Office abroad to a non-citizen to enable the individuals to legally enter Malaysia.

Returning students whose Student Visa have expired at their home country MUST also apply for a VAL before returning to Malaysia.

To apply for a VAL, kindly submit the following documents to
1. Copy/scan UKM Offer Letter;
2. Copy/scan passport size photo (WHITE background);
3. Copy/scan all pages of the current passport including blanks to be copied only on one side of the A4 sized paper (ensure the passport has a validity more than 12 months);
4. State/mention the nearest Malaysian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate Office address in your own country.

The VAL process will normally take 1 to 2 months.

Upon approval from Malaysian Immigration Authority, ISSD will email the VAL approval letter to you. Please obtain the Single Entry Visa at the nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulate in your home country by producing the VAL.

Applicants who have previously applied in any institution in Malaysia are required to cancel their application from the previous institution. ISSD is unable to apply the Student Pass for an applicant unless that institution has made the cancellation with the Immigration Department. Applicants are required to get a letter of release from the previous institution as well.

For applicants holding a Student Pass from another institution, please ensure that the existing Student Pass validity period is shortened by the said institution.

Guideline for passport size photograph with WHITE background (35mm x 45mm)

1. Please do not use photos that have been cut down from larger pictures.

2. No white border surrounding the photo as this may affect the dimensions of the image.

3. Free from reflection or glare on spectacles, the frames of which must not cover the eyes.
4. We recommend that you wear dark-coloured attire (this includes headscarves) so as to be in clear contrast to the white background. A conservative top is best. Do not wear something with open shoulders (such as a tank top).
5. With the subject facing forward, looking straight at the camera.
6. With a neutral expression with the mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows).
7. Taken with nothing covering the face.

Guideline for copy of Passport

1. Recommended passport validity duration is more than 12 months. (Note: For one-off Student Pass applications, the recommended validity is 12 months longer than the duration of study.
2. Your passport data page (bio-data page which shows your face, name etc).
3. Observation page (showing any extensions, clarifications of name, and previous passport numbers)
4. All pages with visa information and blank pages.
5. Please scan / copy each pages of your passport to A4 size paper.