Extension of Student Pass


Application for the extension of Student Pass must be made through the ISSD two (2) months before the expiry date of the Student Pass.

Students who are late in submitting their application for the extension of Student Pass will be required to pay a penalty of MYR100.00. The penalty is imposed by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Students who wish to apply for the extension of the Student Pass, kindly submit the following documents to the ISSD:



  1. Three passport-sized photos
  2. Three copies of registration slip
  3. Three copies of current passport (Ensure passport have validity more than 12 months)
  4. Three copies of current VISA or Student Pass



  1. One copy of student’s passport
  2. One copy of student’s VISA or Student Pass
  3. Three passport-sized photographs (for each dependents)
  4. Three copies of dependent passport
  5. Three copies of dependent VISA / Pass
  6. Three copies of marriage certificate (for spouse or parents) and family letter for children
  7. Three copies of birth certificate (for children and for student-if parents are dependents)



It is your responsibility to maintain your legal status at all times while you are in Malaysia. Students who allow their visa (student pass) to expire are considered as “overstay”. In this case the student’s ability to enter Malaysia in the future may be affected. YOU will be fined RM 30/ day for YOUR overstaying and RM100 for special pass.

* Candidates who have reached the maximum period of candidature need to appeal to the Dean/Director of the respective faculty/institute to extend period of study before applying for an extension to Student Pass.

* Kindly refer to Forms and Visa Fees and download the required documents and complete before come to ISSD for application purposes.