New Application for Student Pass


Upon arrival at the Malaysian airport, the immigration official normally will stamp onto student’s passport a social visit pass of 30 / 60 / 90 days. Applicants are required to register and pay all the prescribed fees before submitting their passports to the International Student Services Division (ISSD). Upon complete on all of registration requirements at UKM, students may submit his/her passport to ISSD attached with the following documents to obtain the student pass.


(1) A copy of a VDR approval letter

(2) Four copies of offer letter and/or letter of acceptance to UKM

(3) Four copies of current passport including blank papers. (Please note that passport must be at least in 1 year activation period)

(4) Four copies of passport-sized photograph (With Blue Colour Background)

(5) Four copies of certified UKM Health Centre Medical Report

(6) Four copies of Insurance Coverage
Upon approval of the pass and submission of passport for student pass endorsement, student(s) are required to pay the following:

  1. Student pass of RM80.00 and RM110.00 for social pass[dependent if any] (a year or part of it). Note that the fees is subject to changes.
  1. Current Visa/re‐entry visa rate (amount depends on the country of origin, not exceeding RM100.00)


* Please refer to the following Forms and Visa Fees structure for more information. Kindly download and complete the required documents before proceeding with the applicant process at ISSD.

before come to ISSD for application purposes.