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International Relations Centre (UKM Global)

UKM Global Team

International Relations Centre consists of a group of people from various background. This centre work directly under the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs).


Assoc. Professor Dr. Abdul Latiff Ahmad

✉ pghpha@ukm.edu.my / alba@ukm.edu.my

Dr. Tanot Unjah

Deputy Director
✉ tanot-u@ukm.edu.my

Dr. Mohd Fais Mansor

Coordinator UKM-UDE Office
✉ m.mansor@ukm.edu.my

Mrs. Rosnani Boyak

Senior Assistant Registrar
• Administration • Student Mobility Programme
✉ rosnani@ukm.edu.my / exchange@ukm.edu.my

Mr. Nur Haiqal Rawlins Una Abdullah

Senior Assistant Registrar
• Partnerships and Cooperation
✉ rawlins@ukm.edu.my / partnerships@ukm.edu.my

Mr. Ong Chang Ee

Assistant Registrar
• International Student Service Division
✉ changee@ukm.edu.my / isc@ukm.edu.my

Mr. Harfiz Rasul Mohamed

Assistant Registrar
• UKM Student Buddy • International Student Activity
✉ harfiz@ukm.edu.my


Mrs. Farah Adibah Che Kamarudin
Assistant Administrative Officer
• International Student Visa (Special Pass) • International Staff Visa
✉ farah_adibah@ukm.edu.my
Mrs. Salwa Zahira Mukhtar
• Administration • Partnerships and Cooperation
✉ salwa.zahira@ukm.edu.my
Ms. Azwin Darwish Ahmad
Administrative Assistant
• Financial Management
• Student Mobility (Outbound)
✉ azwin.darwish@ukm.edu.my
Mrs. Azlen Ab Rahman
Administrative Assistant
• Student Mobility (Inbound)
✉ len.rahman@ukm.edu.my
Ms. Siti Shafira Abd Majid
Administrative Assistant
• Partnerships and Cooperation
• International Student Activity
✉ shafira@ukm.edu.my
Mrs. Fareen Izra Sahrin
Administrative Assistant
• International Student Service Division
✉ ayin@ukm.edu.my
Mr. Mohd Nizam Hassan
Administrative Assistant
• International Student Service Division
✉ nizam@ukm.edu.my
Ms. Nor Ezura Abd Razak
Administrative Assistant
• International Student Service Division
✉ ezura@ukm.edu.my
Mr. Mohd Abdussatar Abdurahman
Administrative Assistant
• International Student Service Division
✉ sattar@ukm.edu.my
Mrs. Nurul Shuhaida Mat Isa
Administrative Assistant
• International Student Service Division
✉ shuhaida@ukm.edu.my
Mr. Khairuddin Hashim
Office Assistant
• International Staff Visa
✉ dino@ukm.edu.my
Mrs. Siti Zulaikha Shah Johan
Office Assistant
• International Student Service Division
✉ siti_zulaikha@ukm.edu.my
Mr. Muhammad Habib M Hashim
Office Assistant
• Administration
✉ muhdhabib@ukm.edu.my

Organisation Chart



An intership at UKM Global is open to students from any IPT in Malaysia that have a background in any fields of interest to international relations, communications, admistration, operation, marketing, graphic design etc.

An internship provides an excellent opportunity to students to learn about the organization and to complement their educational background through practical work.


An internship is naturally limited to a fixed period of 2 to 6 months, except in special instances depending on the internship conditions set out by the home institution/university.


The minimum requirements are the following:

• A trainee from a university or any other higher educational institutions

• Very good knowledge of spoken and written in Bahasa or English

• A proven track record of achievements, supported by letter of recommendation from home institution/university


All candidates interested in internship opportunities at UKM Global must write the official email by attach the resume and letter of recommendation to pghpha@ukm.edu.my.


Contact Us


✉ pghpha@ukm.edu.my
✆ +603 8921 4188


Partnerships and Collaboration Division

✉ partnerships@ukm.edu.my
✆ +603 8921 4704


Student Exchange Division

✉ exchange@ukm.edu.my
✆ +603 8921 3271


International Student Service Division

✉ isc@ukm.edu.my
✆ +603 8921 4079 / +603 8921 4927


International Staff Visa at UKM

✉ farah_adibah@ukm.edu.my
✆ +603 8921 4925