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Environment Services, Renewable Energies (44 IPs)

  1. Wind Turbine
  2. Solar-Assisted Drying System
  3. Compact Portable Heat Pump
  4. Solar Hydrogen Eco-House
  5. PV.MY Photovoltaic System Designing and Analysing Software
  6. The Preparation of Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) Catalyst for the Biodiesel Production
  7. Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Production
  8. Pico Hydro Turbine System
  9. Solar-Assisted Chemical Heat Pump Dryer
  10. Solar-Assisted Drying System Double-Pass Solar Collector
  11. Solar-Assisted Drying System with V-Groove Solar Collector
  12. Solar-Assisted Dehumidification System
  13. An Apparatus for Solar Drying of Materials
  14. Solar-Powered Desalination Apparatus
  15. Unglazed Solar Hot Water Heater with Integrated Storage System
  16. Cost-Effective Inverter Development for Solar PV Power System
  17. Mo-Ni-Cu Catalysts on y-Al203 Support for Hydrogen Production from Methanol
  18. Cu-Zn-Al Catalysts Promoted with Palladium for Hydrogen Production from Methanol
  19. Cu-Zn-Al Catalysts Promoted with Vanadium for Hydrogen Production from Methanol
  20. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Education Kits (DMFC Kits)
  21. Fuel Additive
  22. Greenfinity™ X Solar Charger
  23. Advanced Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Dryer with Multifunctional Solar Collector – Smart Drier
  24. Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Solar Water Heater
  25. PV Wind Hydrogen Production System
  26. Solar-Powered Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cell Systems
  27. Hybrid Thermal Collector
  28. A Fuel Cell Device
  29. A Thermal Absorber and Method of Circulating Heat Transfer Fluids Through a Heat Pump System
  30. Hybrid Nafion / Polybenzimidazole / Zirconium Phosphate Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
  31. Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Photovoltaic Systems
  32. Design Advisor Tool for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell – DMFC (Msf UKM)
  33. Microcontroller-Based Charge Controller Development for Stand-Alone Solar Power System
  34. Passive Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (SFION)™
  35. Solar Hybrid Water Heater
  36. Hybrid Solar Collector
  37. Groove PVT (Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Collector)
  38. Rapid Thermal Conductivity Measurement Apparatus
  39. Self-Humidified Nanocomposite Membrane of Nafion-Si02-PWA
  40. Method for Light Sources Directional Determination for Two-Axis Solar Tracker
  41. Intelligent Solar Tracker Development for Hight Yield of Solar Power Station
  42. Solvolytic Wood Oil from Soda Lignin using Copper Sulphide Catalyst for Biofuel
  43. Photocatalysts and a Method of their Production
  44. Flocculants / Coagulants from Wastewater