Innovation Investment (InnoVest)

UKM InnoVest (Innovation Investment)

Objective: Reduce business risk by doing the key business ground work to make an IP attractive for take-up by investors (entrepreneurs and firms)

  • Acts as an investors’ advocate. A pure business service centre.
  • Commercialisation packaging of IPs in roll-out ready project formats for immediate take up by investors (entrepreneurs and firms)
  • Will host expert business advisors and training programs


  1. IP Valuation
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Business Intelligence
  4. Product Development
  5. Promotion & Marketing
  6. Technology Transfer & Commercialisation
  7. Investment & Business Collaboration
  8. Industrial Liaison


Head of InnoVest

(Firdaus Sahat)


Innovation Executive


(L-R: Suhana, Syazwan & Amirul)

(Firdaus Rusli)