Medical & Health


Health, Medical & Pharmaceutical (30 IPs)

  1. Nata de Coco-based Hydrogel Via Microwave Irradiation Technique
  2. Composition and Methods for Hyper- homocysteinemia
  3. Composition of Palm Vitamin E as a Bone-Strengthening Agent to Prevent Fractures and Promote Fracture Healing
  4. Burkholderia pseudomallei Outer Membrane Protein 85
  5. Diagnostic Kit & Vaccine for Meliodosis
  6. Diagnostic Method for Meliodosis Based on the Antigen Burkholde­ria Pseudomallei TssD-5 Protein
  7. Monoclonal Antibody towards the Exotoxin of Burkholderia pseudomallei
  8. Detection Kit for HLA-B*1502 Gene and Method Thereof
  9. Autologous Tissue-engineered Human Skin Construct and a Method for Producing Thereof
  10. Tissue Engineered Allogenic Skin Substitute
  11. A Cartilaginous Implant and Method for Constructing a Cartilaginous Part for Implantation in a Subject
  12. Culture Medium and Method for Culturing Chondrocytes
  13. Chondrogenic Induced Bone Marrow Stem Cell for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis
  14. Construction of Non-weight Bearing Tissue-Engineered Bone
  15. Polyethylene Scaffold for Cartilage Reconstruction
  16. Construction of Tissue-engineered Bone Using Ceramic Scaffold and Fibrin
  17. Tissue-engineered Bone Construct for Repairing Long Bone Defects
  18. Tissue-engineered Bone Construct for Spinal Fusion
  19. Tissue-engineered Respiratory Epithelium Construct
  20. Tissue-engineered Trachea Construct
  21. Tissue-engineered Articular Cartilage
  22. Palm Oil-Based Parenteral Lipid Emulsion (NEMS™)
  23. Palm Oil Adjuvant for Use in Veterinary Vaccines
  24. Parenteral Lipid Emulsion and Preparation Thereof
  25. Pharmaceutical Preparation for Anaesthetic Use and Associated Preparation Process (PROPONEMS)
  26. Hydrocortisone- and Hydroxytyrosol-loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles
  27. Biopolymer Coating Composition
  28. Cholic Acid- Polyethyleneimine Micelless for Targeted Delivery of Antitumor Drugs
  29. Bilayer Hydrocolloid Films Containing Therapeutics Agents
  30. Method for Forming Titanium Alloy


Medical Care, Social Services (19 IPs)

  1. KieVision®
  2. A Pencil or a Pen Grip Device (Qalamiy™)
  3. Clinical Competency Evaluation Kit (CCEV™)
  4. Community-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Education Package for Healthy Aging (WE SIHAT™)
  5. Self-Sustained Health Promotion Model – Innovation Model for the Agricultral Sector
  6. Autisme Education Series: Adaptive Module
  7. ‘Slim Shape’ Weight Reduction Program at the Workplace
  8. Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Home Kit
  9. A Hearing Screening System
  10. Fetal Heart Rate Detection Using a Non-Invasive Optical Technique
  11. System and Method for Ambulatory Measurement of Arterial Pulse Wave Velocity by Optical Means
  12. Computerised Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program
  13. Split-pelvic and Lower Limb Immobilizer for Trauma (SPLIT)
  14. Sternal Binder
  15. Vascular Risk Prediction Using Non-Invasive Optical Technology
  16. BRIM® Pelvic Immobiliser
  17. Endoscope Housing
  18. Storage Cabinet SIMPLEK™
  19. HIREPS™ – HUKM Integrated Resuscitation Pendant System